Warp Signs

Warp Signs

Notice: As of version 1.6, warp signs are implemented with the Points API as a separate plugin, which can be downloaded here. The jar must be added to your server's plugins/ directory. It will attempt to import existing warp signs from older versions of Points. Warp signs can be created to any of your warps, public or private. Right clicking a warp sign will teleport you to the warp at it which points. Signs are created in the following format: <center></center> You will get a confirmation and your name will be added to the top line (which must be blank). Anything can be written on the bottom line.


WarpSigns2 exports two permission nodes which can be used to limit access to certain features.
  • warpsigns2.create - Allow the creation of warp signs
  • warpsigns2.follow - Allow the usage of existing warp signs

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Date created
Feb 19, 2012
Last updated
Feb 20, 2012