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Player Information

Player Information is a plugin which allows admins to grab a player's details when they connected to the server to see a whole lot of different things which will be listed below if the admins need this information for whatever they want. Also, this plugin has the option to find the information about yourself if you need it to see things such ass if you have access to certain permissions or not. It will be much use for people who want to find out this information and also is a easy plugin to use with no config!


Player Information is used for a variety of different things and used to see the information of the following:
- Username/Display Name of a Player;
- IP Address of a Player;
- GameMode of a Player;
- If a Player is Flying or not;
- Health of a Player;
- How many Exp Levels a Player has;
- If a Player is Banned or not;
- If a Player is Opped or not;
- If a Player has access to the '*' Permission node.


Player Information has two very simple commands to use to see all you need to know about a player, these are:

/findinfo - Find the information of a player.


- playerinformation.* - Access to all commands in Player Information.
- playerinformation.findinfo - Access to see the information of other players.


Overall, Player Information has everything that an admin would need to find out information about other players and is a very easy plugin to use with no configuration needed and all of the commands needed for easy use.

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