Version 2.3

  • Added an updatecheck that tells you in chat or in console when an update is available.

Version 2.2

  • Added cool text stuff. (Like bold, italic and such.)

Version 2.1

  • Fixed event bug.
  • Config is now proper.

Version 2.0

  • Added support for more than just one motd. Change motd count to the amount of motds you want to use, then you just have to add more lines like: Motds: Count:2 MOTD1: '&4Welcome, %name%!' MOTD2: '&6Second motd.'
  • The plugin will randomly choose a motd to display.

Version 1.1

  • Added support for color codes using & (info in main post)

Version 1.0

  • Release

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Date created
Nov 06, 2012
Last updated
Aug 03, 2013