PayBlock v,1.0.1

Change log

Version 1.0

  • initial release
  • Added metrics


  • Pb.Use : Let's player use /pb commands
  • Pb.Creation : Gives permission to use /pb new
  • Pb.Admin: Let's player use /payblock commands
  • Pb.* gives all permissions

User Commands (Aviable for thoose with permission pb.Use

  • /pb: Sends general info
  • /pb help : i think you get this one (Ps: it sends this list)
  • /pb n [Name]: Creates a new Blockgroup with the name [Name].
  • /pb i [Name]: Sends information about [Name] blockgroup
  • /pb t [Name]: Starts claim tool for [Name]
  • /pb tstop: Stops claim tool.
  • /pb like [Name]: Likes name
  • /pb entermsg [Name] [Msg]: Sets entermessage for [Name] to [Msg]
  • /pb leavemsg [Name] [Msg]: Sets leavemessage for [Name] to [Msg]
  • /pb delete [Name[: Deletes [Name]
  • /pb f [Name] add [PlayerName]: Adds [PlayerName] to [Name]'s friends list
  • /pb sell [Name] [Price] : Set's [Name]'s sell mode to on with the price [Price]
  • /pb sellstop [Name]: Stops sell mode for [Name]
  • /pb buy [Name]: Buys [Name] blockgroup for the asked price
  • /pb f [Name] remove [PlayerName] : Removes [playername] from [Name]'s friend list. Tip: It's case sensitive
  • /pb f [Name] clear : Clears [Name]'s friend list
  • /pb p [Name] upgrade : Upgrades [Name]'s protection lvl
  • /pb p [Name] d : Turns blockgroup [Name]'s damage protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] b : Turns blockgroup [Name]'s block protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] p : Turns blockgroup [Name]'s pvp protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] i : Turns blockgroup [Name]'s interact protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] e : Turns blockgroup [Name]'s explosion protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] d hunger: Turns blockgroup [Name]'s hunger damage protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] d fall: Turns blockgroup [Name]'s fall damage protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] d mob: Turns blockgroup [Name]'s mob damage protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] d explosion: Turns blockgroup [Name]'s explosion damage protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] d drown: Turns blockgroup [Name]'s drown damage protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] d lava: Turns blockgroup [Name]'s lava damage protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] d fire: Turns blockgroup [Name]'s fire damage protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] i lever: Turns blockgroup [Name]'s lever interact protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] i door: Turns blockgroup [Name]'s door interact protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] i button: Turns blockgroup [Name]'s button interact protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] i repeater: Turns blockgroup [Name]'s repeater interact protection on/off
  • /pb setowner [Name] [PlayerName]: Sets blockgroup [Name]'s owner to [PlayerName]

Admin Commands (Aviable for thoose with permission pb.Admin

  • /Payblock: Sends general admin info
  • /Payblock help: sends admin help
  • /Payblock delete [Name]: Deletes [Name] Blockgroup
  • /Payblock tool [Name] : Starts claim tool for [Name]
  • /Payblock setowner [Name] [PlayerName]: Set's [Name]'s owner to [PlayerName]

Console Commands (Aviable through console)

  • /Payblock: Sends general console info
  • /Payblock help: Console payblock help
  • /Payblock i [Name] : Send's general info of [Name]
  • /Payblock delete [Name] : Delete's [Name] Blockgroup
  • /Payblock setowner [Name] [PlayerName]: Set's [Name]'s owner to [PlayerName]

Payblock by: Cevin Wahlstedt alias: CevinWa


Uploaded on
Jan 12, 2013
Game version
  • CB 1.4.6-R0.3
141.3 KiB