90 - Addition: 'action: place' and 'action: eat/consume'

You should add action: place, because 'action: rightclick' combined with 'tool: all' does not always work. Sometimes you're standing in front of a block and rightclick. The block is not placed, because you (as the player) are in the way, but the rightclick is still triggered and the drop (or whatever you specified) occurs. That's why in my opinion a 'action: place' is neccessary!

Another idea I had while testing 'potioneffects: [email protected]@x' was that you could get like "high" when you're drinking mushroom stew, but I realized that there is no action that could trigger it. You could use the 'action: rightclick' here as well, but people don't always rightclick on a block and sometimes look into the air (blockID: 0) what doesn't cause the action/drop to take place.

By the way: You wrote "<effect>@time/strength" where it should be "<effect>@timeATstrength" ( http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/otherdrops/files/26-2-5-beta2/ )

Let me know if you're going to implement what I said or not. Thanks, Folas.

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    @Orangetavi & @Folas1337

    Good idea and will probably be implemented - I just have to make sure I do it in a way that only registers the event if a custom config is written with that trigger.


    Yeah, I mixed up the potioneffect setting - it should really be as it's written, ie. "<effect>@time/strength" - I'll fix it later.

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    orangetavi also posted:

    I'm loving this plugin because it has so many options and thus, replaces a lot of other plugins out there, making my server that much more lighter. I'm not sure if this is possible, but it would be great if an action for placing a block could be added. This could be used to reward players for building houses (placing doors, windows, stairs, etc) or to prevent players from exploiting placing and breaking blocks to earn stuff. I have tried the "right clicking" action but that doesnt always work. Players can right click a block and not place it by being in the way. Anyways, I hope this is possible to do! :]



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