• v3.0.1:
    Fixed a bug that when eating an enchanted golden apple, an normal golden apple was removed from the inventory. Fixed a bug that not the item in the hand was removed, but rather the first item of this type in the inventory.
  • v3.0.0:
    Added more food:
    1. Baked Potato (baked_potato)
    2. Carrot (carrot)
    3. Enchanted Golden Apple (enchanted_golden_apple)
    4. Golden Carrot (golden_carrot)
    5. Poisonous Potato (poisonous_potato)
    6. Potato (potato)
    7. Pumpkin Pie (pumpkin_pie)
      Added the possibility to add Potion Effects to a food which will infect the player when he eats the food. Optimized configuration (e.g. better names for the food) Fixed permission nostarvation.hunger for OPs. Disabled NoStarvation in creative mode.
  • v2.4.0:
    Added the possibility to add some potion effects when a player eats uneatable food.
  • v2.2.4:
    The Foods' health values are now saved in food.yml
    Added the possibility to decide whether the bucket/bowl will be returned when a player drinks a bucket of milk/eats a mushroom soup.
    When a food's health is set to 0, it is not eatable.
  • v2.1.0:
    Added more food:
    Milk (milk_bucket)
    Glistering melon (speckled_melon)
  • v2.0.3:
    Coded everything new.
    Added permissions to disable hunger for certain players.
    Added a command to change the health of a food.
  • v1.1.3:
    Added cake value to config again.
    I'm sure that I added it in the last version already...
  • v1.1.2:
    Added cakes. If you right-click on a cake now, you can eat a piece of it.
    Added cake value to the config. (Value for one piece)
  • v1.0.2:
    Inital release.

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