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  • Blocks TnT And Creeper Explosions
  • Tnt Explodes But Doesn't No Damage To The Enviorment
  • Creepers Will Not Explode
  • Anything That Will Cause An Explosion Will Be Stopped
  • This Plugin Puts A Dent In The Griefers Strategies
  • No Random Craters
  • No Lag
  • No Console Error Messages
  • /Noexplode
  • -Shows Plugin Information

Errors With /Noexplode

  • No Console Color
  • Dont Use /Noexplode In Console!

WalkThrough Of The Explosion Phase

As an explosion happens...

Tnt = Tnt will rise like a normal primed tnt and explode causing no damage to anything around it including terrain, mobs and players. The explosion will be a fire noise and a few sparks leaving the tnt location as this happens the tnt will dissapear!

Creepers = Creeper will grow like a normal creeper would and and at the last stage it will die leaving sparks behind and a fire noise. Again no damage to ANYTHING around it.

Ghast Shots = Will hit the ground and launch sparks doing damage to mobs and players if the flaming ball hits directly but will not set anything on fire nor will it damage any terrain.

What Servers Should Use This Plugin
  • RPG Servers (Prison,Drug Etc)
  • Hunger Games
  • Survival Servers
  • PvP Servers
  • MiniGame Servers
  • Creative/Freebuild Servers

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Jan 31, 2013
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Apr 05, 2013
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