Ok, now it's time to list the commands:


/myob MakeYourOwnBlocks.myob Displays information about the plugin data

/makeitem [name] [type] [data] [damage] MakeYourOwnBlocks.createitem name: name of the item, in lore and the name, used to find the scripts as the configuration path items.<name> type: the item ID of the item to use as the new item, data: the data you would like to have the new item to have, damage: The damage the new item will do

/deleteitem [name] MakeYourOwnBlocks.deleteitem name: name of the item to remove special handlers for. Does not remove it from the config item or the items in the world

/resetitemdamage [name] [damage] MakeYourOwnBlocks.modifyitem name: the name of the item to modify the damage value of, damage: the new damage value to put (Must be Integer!)

/makeblock [name] [type] [data] MakeYourOwnBlocks.createblock name: the name of the block to create. Should be the same as the one in your config file. type: the block id that the new block will use. data: the block data the new block will use

In the development version, the following commands are also available:

/setvar [name] [type] [value] MakeYourOwnBlocks.setvar name: the name of the variable to set, type: one of the following (int, str, float [see the variables page for more information]), value: The actual value of the variable.

/getvar [name] MakeYourOwnBlocks.getvar name: the name of the variable to display.

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