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Make Your Own Blocks! (and items!!!!)

Update on Development

I just got my new computer, so development will now continue!


The MakeYourOwnBlocks plugin allows you to create blocks and items with custom names and abilities. E.X. A diamond sword that insta kills anything at the end of a parkour or a block that explodes when you step on it (a mine)

Testers Needed!

I need volunteer testers to test some versions of the plugin. They need to attempt to find any bug possible in the code. Possible addition to the project. Volunteer in the description.

Please Note

With the current version of Minecraft, it is impossible to have custom items have custom textures without a client side modification or a texture pack

What this plugin has to offer

With this plugin, you will be able to customize the following on blocks and items:



a short script that executes when the item is right clicked

a short script that executes when the item is left clicked


a short script that executes when the block right clicked

a short script that executes when the block left clicked

a short script that executes when the block is placed

a short script that executes when the block is destroyed



lore (Secondary text when you hover your mouse over an item in your inventory)

What I might add

Enchantments for items

Update on the Latest Update

I have finally released the plugin! I'm ganna take a quick break, check out some servers. If you have any server suggestions (maybe even one that uses my plugin), just PM me! I may try them out! Right now, most of the bugs are with blocks:

BLOCK BUG #1: When you use a piston to retract or extend a Custom Block, the block that is now where the Custom Block was will act as the Custom Block.

BLOCK BUG #2: When you break a Custom Block, it will NOT drop the item stack.

It SHOULD work with 1.4.7, but it is not tested.

Pre Release

I have released a pre-release for the update 1.1. The pre-release does not have many new features. Sorry, guys! I have a lot of stuff I had to catch up on, and didn't have much time for developing this plugins.

1.5 Update

I have yet to update the plugin to an official Minecraft 1.5 version, although, in theory the last stable release should work for Minecraft 1.5. The only problem is that I can not find the bukkit API download for the development version of 1.5. Once I am able to change the plugin to fit that, I am sure it will be only a small matter of time until I can upload the Minecraft 1.5 release.

Almost done with the update, should have it done by 3/17/2013.


How to guide for scripts





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