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Feature Request: Location teleport. Rather having a nether portal, have a feature to allow the owner to set a custom portal size with custom destination. Have a cuboid area (Selected with WE) that will TP any player that enters this cuboid to a custom destination. This feature resembled Multiverse's anchor feature.

Please take it in consideration, this can be extremely useful for many players.

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  • Avatar of JonathanGurebo JonathanGurebo Jan 03, 2014 at 22:06 UTC - 0 likes

    I just created my first real bukkit plugin LocationTeleport that allows the admin to set out locations that will teleport you to another locations.

    You can for example set a Teleport between two locations, when a player steps on one of them, the player will be teleportet to the other location.

    You can have as many Teleports you wan't until the .yml files will take out your hard drives memory!

    Look at the other cool feutures at the link above! This is just a few.

    Note: My plugin does not support areas (yet), only location to location

    but maybe this is something for you.

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