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Ok, I am using Multiworld on my server to help build multiple builds on a minecraft map I am working on. Well, multiworldreset, and I cannot use the world files that I had been building on. Is there any way to restore the old worlds?
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The server crashed and i had to reset the server including the multiworld mod before the server would work correctly. When I did this, multiworld stopped recognizing all the worlds that I had used besides the primary one. I tired renaming the world files and replacing them as new worlds, but those were regenerated as new worlds, I tried making worlds by the same name, type, and seed as the original worlds but that did not work either. Is there a way to restore, or add these old worlds?

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    mostly, when a server crashes by 1 or other reason, the world files can get corrupted, you made an copy of the files before you turned on the server after the crash, because if creating a new map whit multiworld under the same name did not help, I asume the world files where corrupted. (or spawn got replaced)

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