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    Am i missing the use of cannons, or doing it incorrectly?

    Im trying to make one portal, that when entered, sends you to another point on a hill, that launches you on exit into the water below.

    but try as I may, I cannt get the dest portal to do such. even with a /mvp modify dest ca:(coords) or /mvp modify dest cannon-8 it just TP's me to the block with no velocity.

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    Cannons are a destination type. so where you want the cannon you either type out the cannon syntax or:

    Walk to where you want the cannon to launch you Look at where you want it to launch you type /mvpm dest cannon-X (where x is the velocity of a cannon)

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    Can anyone help me with this, fernferret helped a bit, but I still don't get it fully. I want it setup where I can make my portal, point/select/:x,y,z: it as the destination, then the game will simply shoot the player ontop of that block. Is there a way of doing this, or is there something I'm missing on how to 'calibrate' the cannon ports.

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    Hey, guys, I dunno if you're still having this problem, but I had the same one. A bit of experimentation showed that it doesn't quite work as advertised. You don't stand where you want the cannon to shoot to; you stand where you want to be launched FROM, and look in the direction you want to be shot. Be advised, it's not precise, in any way. Anyway, thought you might be able to use that info!

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    Ya the wiki on it is definitely not up to par in a lot of areas when it comes to explaining things fully. I mean don't get me wrong the wiki helps me a ton though there are things like this that aren't really described in detail for people who might not understand as easy. I figured it out as soon as it didn't work as I had expect but someone may want to add a note into the cannon section of the wiki explaining for those slow to catch on...would be really cool if we could connect two portals with a cannon method though h:) Love the plugin btw 50 stars for the developer

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