9 - Colored text

What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?

Colored text.

Please provide any additional information below.

Can you make it so we add colors to the text in the config?
like &2MonterHunt started

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  • Avatar of Craigdb Craigdb Jan 05, 2012 at 03:28 UTC - 0 likes

    You can configure coloured text and have been able to for a while... check out my config file for details... Messages: MessageAlreadySignedUp: '&3You are already signed up! ' MessageHuntStatusNotInvolvedLastHunt: '&3You were not in the last Hunt. ' MessageHuntTeleNoHunt: '&3You cannot teleport to hunt zone when there is no hunt! ' MessageHuntStatusNotActive: '&3Hunt is not active. ' HighScoreMessage: '&3You have a new &2HIGH SCORE&3: &6<Points>&3 points! ' StartMessage: '&3The Hunt starts &4NOW&f!' MessageTooLateSignUp: '&6Sorry, you are too late to sign up! ' MessageStartNotEnoughPlayers: '&4Hunt Cancelled... &3not enough players. ' FinishMessageNotEnoughPoints: '&6Sun is rising... &3The Hunt is over! No winner tonight:( ' MessageSignUpPeriod: '&3Get ready, the Mob Hunt is on tonight!' SignupAtHuntMessage: '&2You have signed up for the hunt. Now hurry and kill some monsters!' SignupBeforeHuntMessage: You have signed up for the next Hunt! RewardMessage: '&2Congratulations!&3 You have received &6<Items>' MessageHuntStatusCurrentScore: Your current score in this hunt is &6<Points>&f points! KillMessageArrow: You got &3<MobValue>&f points for &6bow&f killing a &3<MobName>&f. You have &6<Points>&f points! DeathMessage: You have died, so your Monster Hunt score is reduced by &610%&f. Be more careful next time! NoBowMessage: Your kill is not counted. Stop camping with your bow and get into the fight! MessageHuntStatusLastScore: Your last score was &6<Points>&f points MessageHuntStatusTimeReamining: You have &6<Timeleft>%&f of the night left in this world! FinishMessageNotEnoughPlayers: '&6Sun is rising...&3 there were not enough players, so no winner tonight. ' MessageHuntTeleNotSignedUp: You cannot teleport to hunt zone if you are not signed up to the hunt! KillMessageWolf: You have got <MobValue> points because your wolf killed <MobName>. You have <Points> points so far. Keep it up! KillMobSpawnedInsideMessage: Your kill was not counted. Stop grinding in caves and go outside! SignUpAnnouncement: '&3<Player>&f has signed up for the &3Hunt&f!' MessageHuntStatusHuntActive: Hunt is active in <Worlds> FinishMessageWinners: '&6Sun is rising...&3 Winners of the today''s match are: [NEWLINE] &11st place:&3 <NamesPlace1> (<PointsPlace1> points) [NEWLINE] &42nd place:&3 <NamesPlace2> (<PointsPlace2> points) [NEWLINE] &f3rd place:&3 <NamesPlace3> (<PointsPlace3> points)' MessageLead: <Player> has just taken over lead with <Points> points! KillMessageGeneral: You got &3<MobValue>&f points from a &3<MobName>&f. You have &6<Points>&f points! MessageHuntStatusNoKills: You haven't killed any mob in this world's hunt yet. Hurry up!

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