48 - ModReq v.2

Big Improvement, to speed up ...

For the User:

/modreq <nachricht> ENTER -> the chat is now freezed like buycraft, quickshop and citizens does it -> the user can now send extra information with: add <message> (without the /) -> if he typse something else the modreq will be send

For the Mods/Admins:

/"yourMainCommand" next or id - > opens the next command - > the chat freezes again and u have the following options: -> claim or c to claim the ticket -> nex to skip it -> add/answere/aske/a <message> -> to ask the player for further information -> tp -> to teleport to the location (multiworld support) -> done/d <message> -> close ticket

this would be awesome.

PS: oc ./"mainCommand"status and /"maiCommand"check would still be there, to have an overview

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