v2.8 MineBuilder

Change log

-v2.8 Added adjustable Messages which will get send to a player or bordcast when a player reach a certain level Added minebuilder.vip so when you use a permission plugin you dosent need to add all vip player manuel to the permission file 43

-v2.7 Beta build : Some bug fixes with the Player save system Added adjustable exp for Mobs and fisching You can add PAINTING to get Exp for placing / breaking paintings but that can be miss used

- v2.6 Now you can set randoms between two numbers (random1:100:200) Now you dosent get exp in spawn area for placeing blocks Now works with PermissionsEx

-v2.5 Heavy changes added function that you can earn exp buy place blocks you can turn both functions of or on change commands /mdeleteplace/break /maddplace/break /mchangeplace/break /maddlastplace/break

-v2.3 Added /mevent all [how much percent] [how long (hours)] which give all players even if permission turned on exp (all players who not in permission file will get the percentage of the lowest members lvl) /mevent end which will end the Event directly else the event will ends when the time run out fix bug with mchangeplayer

-v2.2 Add /mevent [how much percent] [how long (hours)] now m/deleteplayer will delete temporary players out of the permission list fix bug that you can add the player with /maddplayertemp more than one time

-v2.1 Add temporary permission and add the command /maddplayertemp [PLayername] [Memberlvl] [how long (hours)]

-v2.0 Now when you use a command you get a message so you know if you do this right Add /mchangememberlvl with this command you can set a new percentage for a member lvl

-V1.9 Add Permissions ,add the commands /maddmemberlvl /maddplayer /mdeleteplayer /mchangeplayer /mpermissions

-V1.8 Add the commands /mchange /mdelete /maddlastblock /maddlevel change /addblock to /maddblock Now the Minerconfig will be creat in plugins/Miner :)

-V1.7 : Add /getblockname /addblock

-V1.6 : Add function so that player cant replace a block and break it again , but can turn off add obsidian fix the glowstone and lapis bug

-V1.5 : Improve saving Add MAXplayer set higher if more than 50 players online at the same time else error messages will appear.

-V1.4 : Add level-based experience . Fix a small bug. You can set the maximum level(will prevent server crashes due to high levels).

-V1.3 : Improve random function(now you can add randoms not only change). Add command /reminer which reload "Minerconfig". Minerconfig will update itself now (when new Version installed).

-V1.2 : Add random function(random amount of exp).

-V1.1 : Change the Configstyle , fix one bug.

-V1.0: Release.


Uploaded on
May 17, 2012
Game version
  • CB 1.2.5-R1.0
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