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Earthbending (click the link to be brought to an up-to-date page with proper formatting and example videos)

To become an earthbender, enter the following into chat in the server: /bending choose earth

Congratulations! You're now an earthbender. There are two commands you'll want to familiarize yourself with next, /bending display earth and /bending display. The first command will print out a list of all the earthbending abilities you can "bind" to a key. The second prints out what abilities you have already bound to what keys. If you've just now chosen earth, the second command will print out nothing.

The command /bending display earth will print out the following list (although perhaps not in this order):

Earth Blast Earth Column Earth Wall Compact Column Earth Grab Catapult Earth Tunnel You can "bind" any of these abilities to an inventory slot. Simply choose an inventory slot (default Minecraft settings: press any number from 1-9 on the keyboard) and use the command /bending bind [ability]. Once bound, you can simply use that ability (outlined for each below) by having that slot chosen. Note: in the event that an ability is more than one word long, you must remove the spaces when binding it. E.g. /bending bind EarthWall not /bending bind Earth Wall. It is not, however, case-sensitive.

For example: I want to use the ability Catapult. I press 5 so I choose my 5th inventory slot and I type into chat /bending bind Catapult. Now, provided my inventory slot selected is the 5th one, I can simply click and I will be flung into the air as a pillar of earth shoots up from beneath me.

If you bind another ability to a slot that already has an ability bound to it, it will be overwritten. Additionally, /bending clear will unbind all abilites from your slots.


In addition to these abilities, all earthbenders have a passive ability that does not require binding. Earthbenders naturally convert the ground they land on to sand, if the ground was earthbendable to begin with, if they would have otherwise taken damage from falling. This cushions their fall and allows careful earthbenders to land unharmed from even the most ridiculous distances.

Earth Blast

/bending bind EarthBlast

Earth Blast is the most fundamental bending technique of an earthbender. To use, place your cursor over an earthbendable object (dirt, rock, ores, etc) and tap sneak (default: shift). The object will temporarily turn to stone, indicating that you have it focused as the source for your ability.

After you have selected an origin, simply left-click in any direction and you will see your object launch off in that direction, smashing into any creature in its path. If you look towards a creature when you use this ability, it will target that creature.

A collision from Earth Blast both knocks the target back and deals some damage. You cannot have multiple of these abilities flying at the same time.

Earth Column

/bending bind EarthColumn

Earth Column is one of the hallmarks of earthbenders. To use, simply left-click on an earthbendable block. A column of earth will shoot upwards from that location. Anything in the way of the column will be brought up with it, leaving talented benders the ability to trap brainless entities up there.

You cannot use this ability on a column that was formed with this ability. For the reverse of this ability, see Compact Column.

Earth Wall

/bending bind EarthWall

Earth Wall is another one of the hallmarks of earthbenders. To use, simply left-click on an earthbendable block. A wall of earth will shoot upwards from that location. Anything in the way of the wall will be brought up with it.

This ability will not affect columns or walls created by Earth Column or Earth Wall.

Compact Column

/bending bind CompactColumn

Compact Column is actually the reverse of Earth Column. To use, simply left-click on an earthbendable block. That block and the earthbendable blocks above it will be shoved back into the earth below them, if they can.

This ability does have the capacity to trap something inside of it, although it is incredibly difficult to do so.

Earth Grab

/bending bind EarthGrab

Earth Grab is a technique earthbenders use to imprison their targets. To use, simply left-click while targeting a creature within range. This ability will erect a circle of earth to trap the creature in.


/bending bind Catapult

Catapult is the risky and stubborn way to get around. To use, left-click while looking in the direction you want to be launched. A pillar of earth will jut up from under you and launch you in that direction - if and only if there is enough earth behind where you're looking to launch you.

Skillful use of this ability takes much time and work, and it does result in the death of certain gung-ho earthbenders. If you plan to use this ability, be sure you've read about your passive ability you innately have as an earthbender.

Earth Tunnel

/bending bind EarthTunnel

Earth Tunnel is a completely utility ability for earthbenders. To use, simply sneak (default: shift) in the direction you want to tunnel. You will slowly begin tunneling in the direction you're facing for as long as you sneak or if the tunnel has been dug long enough.

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