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Firebending Tutorial by Azermage

Airbending (click the link to be brought to an up-to-date page with proper formatting and example videos)

To become an airbender, enter the following into chat in the server: /bending choose air

Congratulations! You're now an airbender. There are two commands you'll want to familiarize yourself with next, /bending display air and /bending display. The first command will print out a list of all the airbending abilities you can "bind" to a key. The second prints out what abilities you have already bound to what keys. If you've just now chosen air, the second command will print out nothing.

The command /bending display air will print out the following list (although perhaps not in this order):

Air Blast Air Suction Air Swipe Air Shield Tornado Air Bubble You can "bind" any of these abilities to an inventory slot. Simply choose an inventory slot (default Minecraft settings: press any number from 1-9 on the keyboard) and use the command /bending bind [ability]. Once bound, you can simply use that ability (outlined for each below) by having that slot chosen. Note: in the event that an ability is more than one word long, you must remove the spaces when binding it. E.g. /bending bind AirBlast not /bending bind Air Blast. It is not, however, case-sensitive.

For example: I want to use the ability Air Blast. I press 5 so I choose my 5th inventory slot and I type into chat /bending bind AirBlast. Now, provided my inventory slot selected is the 5th one, I can simply click and I will launch a powerful gust of wind.

If you bind another ability to a slot that already has an ability bound to it, it will be overwritten. Additionally, /bending clear will unbind all abilities from your slots.


In addition to these abilities, all airbenders have a passive ability that does not require binding. Airbenders are naturally light on their feet and take no falling damage, regardless of height. Additionally, they sprint faster than normal and everyday activities (like running, walking, fighting) come easier to them with their mastery of air to assist them. As such, they require food less often than others.

Air Blast

/bending bind AirBlast

AirBlast is the most fundamental bending technique of an airbender. To use, simply left-click in a direction. A gust of wind will be created at your fingertips, launching anything in its path harmlessly back.

Additionally, the airbender can create a sustained gust by sneaking (default: shift). A gust of air can extinguish fires and cool lava.

For the opposite of this ability, see Air Suction.

Air Suction

/bending bind AirSuction

Air Suction is the opposite technique of Air Blast. To use, simply left-click in a direction. A gust of will will originate as far as it can in that direction and flow towards you, sucking anything in its path harmlessly with it. Skilled benders can use this technique to pull items from precarious locations.

Air Swipe

/bending bind AirSwipe

Air Swipe is the single overtly offensive technique airbenders have. To use, simply left-click in a direction. An arc of air will flow from you towards that direction, cutting and pushing back anything in its path. Its damage is minimal, but it still sends the message.

This ability will extinguish fires, cool lava, and cut things like grass, mushrooms and flowers.

Air Shield

/bending bind AirShield

Air Shield is one of the most powerful defensive techniques in existence. To use, simply sneak (default: shift). This will create a whirlwind of air around the user, with a small pocket of safe space in the center.

This wind will deflect all projectiles and will prevent any creature from entering it for as long as its maintained.


/bending bind Tornado

Tornado is the one of the most powerful utility techniques in existence. To use, simply sneak (default: shift). This will create a swirling vortex at the targeted location, which will pick up any creature caught in it.

Any creature or object caught in the vortex will be launched up and out in some random direction. If another player gets caught in the vortex, the launching effect is minimal.

Tornado can also be used to transport the user. If the user gets caught in his/her own tornado, his movements are much more manageable. Provided the user doesn't fall out of the vortex, it will take him to a maximum height and move him in the general direction he's looking. Skilled airbenders can scale anything with this ability.

Air Bubble

/bending bind AirBubble

Air Bubble is actually functionally identical to the waterbending Water Bubble. To use, the bender must merely have the ability selected. All water around the user in a small bubble will vanish, replacing itself once the user either gets too far away or selects a different ability.

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