Setup and Maintaining Guide

MineCaster Setup and Maintaining Guide


For the initial setup just drag the Minecaster Jar-File in your "plugins" folder and start/reload your server. The plugin will atuomatically create it's folder and the configuration file.
Unlike other plugins MineCaster has a GUI for configuration purposes so you needn't change the conrfig.xml. Just open the GUI by typing "/minecaster gui" or "/mc gui". There are two tabs one tab for general settings like the announcement interval and one for the message-configuration.

General Setup

Enabled: Should the plugin load at server start?
Random: Should the message be announced in a random order?
Interval: The time in seconds between announcements
Prefix: The word in front of every announcement. It can contain ColorCodes.

Message Setup

Add a Message: Add a message containing ColorCodes and variables. Schedule a Message: Select a mesage from the list and schedule it at a specific time of day. Remove a Message: Remove the selected message.
Add a Graph: Add a graph displaying specific server statistic of the last 24 hours. Remove a Graph: Remove the selected graph.




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