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[01:57] <Navia> [18:54] <shiek276> I think I found a bug with repair that could be exploited.  My iron sword won't repair fully, and I'm still gaining exp from it.   It's actually quite annoying. >.<
[01:57] <Navia> [18:55] <Navia> Could you describe in detail what is going on? Are you consuming resources, etc.?
[01:57] <Navia> [18:57] <shiek276> Yes, I am consuming coal ore.  However the damage bar will go up until what should be your last repair.  i.e. say it's at 1%, you can repair 50% of it.  You repair it once and it goes to 51%, but if you try to repair again it will just stay at 51%.
[01:58] <Navia> [18:58] <shiek276> So basically, it's still not fully repaired, allowing me to just keep mashing that anvil until I'm all out of coal ore.  In the process, I gain the xp as if I'm actually repairing it.

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Joymo Sep 18, 2011 at 09:01 UTC Create

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    Related perhaps:

    Getting reports that if you repair a cobble sword then switch to repair something else, the sword will unrepair but you keep the exp. So you can just repair it over and over.

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Sep 18, 2011
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