Minecraft Hunger Games

MCHungerGames 1.3 BETA

Change log

The plugin is currently in BETA

Current version of testing. Source on GitHub.

v1.3 BETA Current Latest commit

  • Added block protection
  • You can enable/disable
    • Block place
    • Block break
    • Crafting
  • The rules above apply to these following conditions
    • In Arenas (rules apply to blocks inside arenas)
      • Only while in-game (rules only apply to inside arenas while they're in game)
    • Outside Arenas (rules apply to blocks outside of arenas)
  • You can also enable/disable the warning message sent to players when they can't place/break a block
  • Debug messages to the console if you think it's not working for you

v1.2 BETA Commit @ 1.2

  • Added random items to chest spawning.
  • /hga tpall wont clear everyone's inventory and set the gamemode to 0 anymore

v1.0_1 (MINOR FIX) Updated version name in the plugin; Fixed minor config flaw

v1.0 BETA Commit on Github

  • Added game count feature
  • Added countdown when a game is being started
  • Tributes cannot move when their arena is in countdown
  • Added a workaround method to separate tributes when they wait for game to start
  • Added initGames() to prevent extra games from adding up
  • Added and implemented death listener
  • Added in*game check to /hgae branch
  • Added creaturespawn listener
  • Added playerchat listener (for debugging for now)
  • Made PlayerLeave/EnterArena (pseudo*events) allow entering and exiting on some cases
  • Fixed some /hgg commands not always returning
  • Fixed /hg reload not actually saving the config
  • Fixed a bunch of ConfigKey enums being slightly off
  • repelPlayer() uses much better methods now
  • Changed command help color to purple this week. I'm feeling adventurous

    • ...many verions later...

    • v1.11 ALPHA
  • Player move checks are working.
  • First functioning mechanics with Arenas! Yayyy progress!



  • Commands work much better now
  • Main frame for arenas is pretty much done now


Uploaded on
Apr 21, 2012
Game version
  • 1.2.5
50.7 KiB