Minecraft Hunger Games

MCHungerGames 1.7 BETA

Change log

The plugin is currently in BETA

Current version of testing. Source on GitHub.

v1.7 Current Latest Commit

  • Added auto_games
  • Added config comments to help people
  • Added inventory saving/replacing/clearing when starting/stopping games
  • Added custom defaults for spawnpoints
    • Command: /hgae <<arena>> addspp
      Permission: "HG.arenas.addspp"
  • Added chest reset command
    • Command: /hga chestreset
      Permission: "HG.arenas.chestreset"
      This will reset all chests spawned with /spc
  • Added /hga leave command
  • Chat features disabled for now.

v1.6_2 Commit @ 1.6_2

  • Added chestreset command
    • /hga chestreset (Permission "HG.arena.chestreset")
    • /hga chestreset clear - clears all cornucopia chest locations
  • Added autogames
    • See config for current example

v1.6_1 BUGFIX Commit @ 1.6_1

  • 'null':
    key in arenas.yml showing up is fixed!
  • See the issue that was fixed

v1.6 BETA Commit @ 1.6

  • Fixed spawnchest errors
  • Cleaned up chat, removed debug messages
  • Permissions work now
  • See wiki

v1.5 BETA Commit @ 1.5

  • Added per-tribute spawn points
  • Tributes' spawnpoints are also automatically spaced in a circle around the cornucopia (if not a custom spawnpoint)
  • Lowered Event priority for Chat (this allows for other chat plugins to be used, hopefully)

v1.4 BETA Commit @ 1.4

  • Arenas.yml added. This will now contain all the arenas info
  • Config.yml now just has options
  • ChestItems.yml added. This will soon let you customize the spawn chest command
  • Implemented the NearbyChat feature
    • You can now set the distance for each type of Chat proximity.
    • For more advanced features, I suggest the plugin RealisticChat
  • Added /hga join <arena> command
    • Permission: HG.arenas.join
  • Added lounge spawnpoint to arenas.

Known caveats

This particular version may be unstable. Testing is limit because i'm busy ATM, but I wanted to release the latest version as it does have many improvements.

I'm occasionally getting a bug where the key 'null': shows up in my Arenas.yml. If anyone has ideas why this happens, I'd like to know! If this happens to you, just make sure to delete that part of the config and reload.


Uploaded on
May 08, 2012
Game version
  • CB 1.2.5-R1.0
85.9 KiB