54 - Protection for Item Frames, Paintings, and possibly other Entities

With 1.4, a new item coming out is the Item Frame, allowing users to display any item on a wall. However, like paintings, the Item Frame is actually an entity, meaning LWC can't be configured to protect them (yes, I know that 1.4 LWC isn't out, but unless Mojang changes Item Frames to blocks (unlikely), this will be an issue in November).

Obviously, adding entity protection for LWC (even if limited to Item Frames and Paintings) is no small task, and could quite honestly be a plugin in its own right. In fact, I'd be tempted to create an entity protection plugin myself, but it would be far more elegant and intuitive if LWC itself had support for it.

Actually, I noticed this project has a Github. How open is the project considered? If I managed to do the above (not likely to happen any time soon, thanks to school having just started for me - and also the fact that I haven't seen LWC's code and am not aware of potential issues), is there any chance of a pull request being accepted?

Or would this idea, as a whole, be considered drifting too far from LWC's goal? Because I, for one, think single-entity protection would be an excellent feature, and prevent the confusion players would get when they learn there's no way to protect the diamond armor they want to display on their wall.

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WolfieMario Sep 12, 2012 at 03:17 UTC Create

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