Lua Interpreter

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Lua Interpreter


What does this plugin do ?

This plugin can read lua files to interact with your bukkit servers. In fact, the basic functionnality is to read your lua scripts from the lua folder and execute it into your bukkit server. The plugin has config.yml file and handle lua error to the console and/or to the log file.

About Lua Interpreter

Note : I'm afraid about McLuaBukkit which do much works that my plugin, so I will be imaginative to add some things that McLuaBukkit doesn't have as idea :D

Current beta release : 1.1.0 for Bukkit 1.4.7 (Working with 1.5.1 beta)

McStats Lua Interpreter
McStats Image


Want to help ?

No problems ! Just asking me with PM and I will come to you when the test server is on and if you can come :P


To see some lua example scripts, you can go to there now.

What can we do in lua (with this plugin) ?

Actually, this plugin is Work In Progress. That means the plugin doesn't have all function it can handle. (See below for features of this plugin)

Actually, you can :

  • Broadcast a message with sv.broadcast("Your message");
  • Create a custom command (/li yourcmd) and now (/yourcmd)
  • Hook some event like onBlockBreak, onPlayerJoin ...
  • Change the world's blocks

I make a page to explain how to do some things : 'How to ?' page

API Pages


Actually, not a lot of commands are coded. But we have :

  • /li and /li help - give you an help about the plugin
  • /li list - this will list all lua files and their status (OK or ERROR)
  • /li book - give help about 'book and quill' system (Not working on server and little bit bugged with pages>=2)

In future, we will have :

  • /li reload - already exist but a little bit bugged

Planned features

  • Events hook (like commands, changed block, player joins ...)
  • Functions to modify world and player
  • And lots of stuff which you can code ;)

How to install ?

  1. Download the last jar file of Lua Interpreter
  2. Put the jar file into your plugins directory
  3. Reload/restart your server


Dan200 - Helped me understanding how LuaJ works !
My friends - Helped me at testing it and find any bugs
Server owner - For testing my plugins and give me feedback

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  • Avatar of wamilou wamilou Apr 02, 2013 at 16:35 UTC - 0 likes

    @carocrazy132: Go

    Working on it and finished, but adding some stuff before releasing a new beta like : - Cancelling,grabbing(just your script execute it) event - Securising some stuff to not crash your server :P

    EDIT : I gonna redo some code to make it faster thant before :P

    Last edited Apr 03, 2013 by wamilou


  • Avatar of carocrazy132 carocrazy132 Mar 10, 2013 at 21:13 UTC - 1 like

    I really love this mod, and I would love to do some amazing stuff with it, but without the ability to check what block is at a given position, I can't do much with it. Please add this functionality and I will be your best friend forever!

    (I'll also probably release big addon packs)

  • Avatar of NodexServers NodexServers Jan 24, 2013 at 13:48 UTC - 1 like

    Please keep this project going. Eager to see results.


Do you wait beta 1.1.1 ?

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