What is kShop?

kShop is a plugin that allows one (usually admin of the server) to be / use an account as a central bank account.
It's using chests as bank vaults and an always-online player as the bank money holder.
It is a VIRTUAL money transferer.


  • Buy/Sell from and to central bank
  • Set taxes (percentage)


  • "\buy <product1> <amount1> <product2> <amount2> ..." - buying amount1 of product1, amount 2 of product2, etc...
  • "\sell <product1> <amount1> <product2> <amount2> ..." - selling amount1 of product1, amount 2 of product2, etc...
  • "\pricelist" - showing the price of every resource available for trade with the central bank (every product defined in the config)
  • "\price <product1> <amount1> <product2> <amount2>" - get the price of amount1 product1 and amount2 of product2, etc...


  • CB or Spigot 1.8.8. Hopefully will work for older versions as well.
  • There is a need in Vault and any economy provider plugin.
  • I used iConomy and it worked perfectly.
  • No need for permissions.


  1. Make sure you have Vault and iConomy or whatever economy provider you use.
  2. Put the jar in the plugins directory.
  3. Config the file using the instructions provided in the default config file.
  4. Login with your bank player account.
  5. Place the chests in the locations you configured.
  6. Reload plugin.
  7. Enjoy.

Config Notes

  • Bank player MUST be online or else the bank is closed (good for balancing the economy and updating prices)
  • Chests are counted from 0: Chest0, Chest1 , ... (you can find the block x,y,z using F3 key while standing on the chest)
  • At least one chest must be provided!
  • Be sure to physically trade with players or make sure you have at least something to sell in the chest!
  • Be sure to add new chests when they get full or just set lots of them from the get go!
  • For any trouble reconfigure and reload
  • Any invalid config would result in rejecting any transactions!
  • Check for [SEVERE] and [kShop] logs in the server console/logger.

What's to Come?

There's a lot to improve! I have lots of ideas but unfortunately this probably will be the last version.
Feel free to fork this but do mind this is BSD licesned so just make sure you are referencing this project and original code properly.
Hopefully it will grow into an intergrated beautifull plugin!

What's the point? (Story time & guide to usage)

Economy tips

This was shot quite a while ago so a few things:

The "Real-Life gold" which was the price of a city block wasn't THAT arbitrary -
it was based around the size of the city and since money was already printed it was also considering that.
So the "pure" value of the block is unitless 1, but converted to a dollar the result was about 2.31.
So this defines the dollar/"Real-Life gold" ratio.
With it, the charts could normalize "pure values" which I think I normalized to up to 10, into dollars.

A way to print money to get things started is to make the value of the money at least the effort to print it.
(Just like how money in ancient times was just the value of it's materialistic value)
This can get you started.


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