Hello I'm a french developer and I present you my first Bukkit plugin. It doesn't mean it's a bad plugin of course! It is a very simple, fun, stable and useful plugin!

With Jackpot, you can create a Jackpot sign everywhere so everyone can interact with it.

Write [Jackpot] on the first line of a sign to create a Jackpot sign.

By right-clicking on the Jackpot sign, you play. Each click makes you lose money and increases the Jackpot. You have a probability to earn the Jackpot each time you play. When you win, the Jackpot is reset and a message is broadcasted.

By left-clicking on the Jackpot sign, you update the sign and display the price and the winning probability.


  • jackpot.admin to use /jackpot reload and /jackpot reset.
  • jackpot.use to use Jackpot signs and use /jackpot command.
  • jackpot.create to create a Jackpot sign.
  • jackpot.destroy to destroy a Jackpot sign.
  • jackpot.bypasscooldown to bypass cooldown.


  • /jackpot to display all commands.
  • /jackpot reload to reload the plugin.
  • /jackpot reset to reset the Jacktop to the initial Jackpot (set in the config file).
  • /jackpot info to display the price, the current Jackpot and the probability.


  • initial-jackpot: the initial Jackpot, the Jackpot is set to this value when somebody earns the Jackpot
  • price: the price (excluding taxes) which increases the Jackpot
  • taxes: taxes avoid cheats and secure the economy, if price is set to 10 and taxes is set to 10, the player will lose 20 when he will righ-click on a Jackpot sign and the Jackpot will increase by 10
  • winning-probability: the probability of winning (between 0 and 1, 0.01 = 1%)
  • jackpot: the current Jackpot
  • language: the language (fr and en available)
  • save-period: the save period (in seconds)
  • cooldown: the cooldown (in seconds)
  • mode: you can choose between a static mode (static) or a dynamic mode (dynamic) which makes increase price and taxes when a player play (it's so funny)
  • priority: useful if a player is in two groups (for example, vip and member)


  • Vault - 1.2.27
  • AuthMe - 3.0.4 (optional dependency)


  • Autosave.
  • Cooldown.


PORTUGUESE (by AbsintoJ)

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  • Avatar of Legeekcraft Legeekcraft Jul 05, 2016 at 17:38 UTC - 0 likes

    Tetdoss tu te souviens de moi ? Je faisais que aller sur l'ancien RP !

  • Avatar of elitemossypl elitemossypl Aug 07, 2015 at 12:19 UTC - 0 likes


    Could you maybe add that you can customise the /jackpot messages. It would be helpful because the yellow doesn't fit in with my server at all.


  • Avatar of Tetdoss Tetdoss May 31, 2015 at 21:21 UTC - 0 likes

    It works fine in 1.8

    Try my first plugin: Jackpot

  • Avatar of Mortex68 Mortex68 Jul 24, 2014 at 09:45 UTC - 0 likes

    @AbsintoJPl: Go

    Your video is "private", we can't watch it... Can you fix it ?

    Discover Wizzer !=> Wizz your friend !
  • Avatar of AbsintoJPl AbsintoJPl May 01, 2014 at 15:16 UTC - 0 likes

    Video Tutorial on the Plugin


    Credits Video: (AbsintoJ/Jackpot)


    My channel tutorials plugins minecraft:


    INSCREVA-SE: http://goo.gl/MrgQ6

  • Avatar of Tetdoss Tetdoss Aug 10, 2013 at 11:12 UTC - 0 likes

    @Emerick1997: Go

    Tu dois déjà savoir programmer en Java, comprendre la programmation orientée objet etc, ça tu peux l'apprendre sur le Site du Zéro. Ensuite j'ai téléchargé des codes source de certains plugins pour comprendre comment c'était fait et j'ai lu ça: http://wiki.bukkit.org/Plugin_Tutorial Et il faut évidemment savoir se servir de l'API bukkit ici: http://jd.bukkit.org/dev/apidocs/

    Last edited Aug 10, 2013 by Tetdoss
  • Avatar of Emerick1997 Emerick1997 Aug 10, 2013 at 04:04 UTC - 0 likes

    saluut, si tu est francais tu devrais comprendre ;) jaimrais que tu maprenne comment faire un plugin, les tuto sur youtube ces dla merde on comprend rien alors si sa tinteresse, contacte moi sur mon skype: Blast-pop je suis du canada :)

  • Avatar of Tetdoss Tetdoss Aug 05, 2013 at 21:20 UTC - 0 likes

    Sorry but I was in holidays ^^

    @MrTomTomHD: Go

    Thanks for boosting me to do this cooldown :) It's done. But cooldowns are reset when you stop your server. The file still needs approval: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/jackpot/files/10-jackpot-1-4/

    @combowz: Go

    By left-clicking on the Jackpot sign, you update the sign and display the price and the winning probability. It would make the plugin complicated if all signs update when you click on one sign.

    Last edited Aug 05, 2013 by Tetdoss
  • Avatar of combowz combowz Aug 05, 2013 at 08:20 UTC - 0 likes

    Hey Tetdoss, i got this plugin installed on my server, and its really awsome but 1 thing is stupid if people play on 1 sign, on all the other signs it will still say jackpot = 1000$ but it isent because people play on 1 sign and there is the jackpot already 5000$ so basicly you need something so the jackpot automaticly updates on every sign around the world so i dont have to click it everytime to show what the jackpot is, so basicly if you play on 1 sign all the signs next to it update aswell

  • Avatar of MrTomTomHD MrTomTomHD Aug 04, 2013 at 06:15 UTC - 0 likes

    Can't wait for the cooldown.


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