Sell items and blocks to your players using Item Frames!

Moved to Spigot
I've decided to put the all new versions of my plugin on spigot's premium resource section. You can find the newest version for 1.7, 1.8, 1.9 and 1.10 here (you have to login with a spigot account to be able to see the plugin page). Very old versions are still available from this page, but I will no longer support those versions.


  • Create shops, super fast and easy! Very easy to use.
  • Shop prices load from a file with defaults, you can change them if you want to
  • Shops are automatically protected
  • Nice GUI menu to interact with a shop.
  • Preview the item you're buying by seeing it in the preview inventory
  • Offer discounts when people buy per stack (or don't, it's up to you!)
  • Beautifully presented - Item Frames.

Note: This plugin does not support player shops, and will not in the near future. It is meant to be used for admins to create shops for server members. ItemFrameShops 3.0 Logo


I strongly recommend you use this tool to create your own file. It allows for a lot of customization, calculations for enchantment prices and more. It also has the option to actually export to a file for this plugin. BBF Economy Tool



  1. /ifs list - list shops
  2. /ifs remove - remove shops (use 2nd time to disable remove mode)
  3. /ifs iwouldliketoremoveallshops - Should be obvious
  4. /ifs recalc - reset prices (use 2nd time to disable recalc mode)
  5. /ifs set [buy/sell]price - set price. (use 2nd time...
  6. /ifs set price - set prices. (sell = 80% buy, use 2nd time...
  7. /ifs set mode [BUYING/SELLING/BOTH/DISABLED] - set shop mode.
  8. /ifs reload - reload config files and data.
  9. /ifs save - save config files and data.
  10. /ifs help - show help message

Create shops by right clicking a frame while crouching.
Remove shops by left clicking a frame while crouching.
Just click a shop to view the available options. The plugin will display an inventory like GUI:


  • ifs.command
  • ifs.command.list
  • ifs.command.remove
  • ifs.command.removeall
  • ifs.command.recalc
  • ifs.command.buyprice
  • ifs.command.sellprice
  • ifs.command.mode
  • ifs.command.price
  • ifs.command.reload
  • ifs.admin.remove
  • ifs.admin.create
  • ifs.user.sell




Q: I crouch and right click at the same time and it only flips the item in the frame?
A: Make sure vault is installed and that you have an economy plugin installed. Also check your console for errors or warning messages.

Q: Can I buy items with XP?
A: No.

Q: Where is the cake?
A: The cake is a lie.

Q: Does this plugin have dynamic pricing?
A: No, but you can use it along with UltiMarket to use those prices. Just turn it on in the configuration file. Use the UltiMarket version available on my build server!

Development Builds

Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.
WoutWoot's Build Server


This plugin utilizes Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to

  • A unique identifier
  • The server's version of Java
  • Whether the server is in offline or online mode
  • The plugin's version
  • The server's version
  • The OS version/name and architecture
  • The core count for the CPU
  • The number of players online
  • The Metrics version

Here you can see a graph: Metrics

Opting out of this service can be done by editing plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true.

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  • Avatar of woutwoot woutwoot Apr 02, 2015 at 11:18 UTC - 1 like

    @dutchy1001: Go

    Sure. I'm not money driven at all, I just didn't feel like updating the plugin. Lot's of people asked, but I did not have the motivation to do it. Selling it on spigot motivated me to work on the plugin again. In my opinion that's a better thing than to just let the plugin die. Like I said in the previous message, I have gotten 1 donation of 1$ in 2 years+ That's certainly not going to motivate anyone :)

  • Avatar of dutchy1001 dutchy1001 Apr 02, 2015 at 10:58 UTC - 1 like

    @woutwoot: Go

    Can you take me of as tester/contributor please.

    My time is spend on other plugins atm. You also seem more money driven then do some for the communitie and the communitie is all what this is about.

    Last edited Apr 02, 2015 by dutchy1001

    uSkyblock: Official Website
    uSkyblock: Issue report
    Latest Dev version download: Latest
    uSkyblock server:

    I'm associated with uSkyblock (v2.0.1 and upwards) but can't be held responsible for mistakes you make.

  • Avatar of woutwoot woutwoot Apr 02, 2015 at 07:29 UTC - 0 likes

    @RodriGemmyCreeper: Go

    Thanks. This version should work with 1.7.10, but because of the low amount of donations (1$ in 2 years), I've decided to put all future versions on the spigot premium plugins section. It helps me being motivated. You can find the newest version for 1.7.2 -> 1.8.3 here, it has lots of bugfixes and new features. Older versions are still available from this page, but I no longer support those versions.

    Last edited Apr 02, 2015 by woutwoot
  • Avatar of RodriGemmyCreeper RodriGemmyCreeper Apr 02, 2015 at 01:13 UTC - 0 likes

    Awesome plugin ;) There is one version of this plugin for 1.7.2 or its only for 1.7.9/1.7.10 ??

    PM me for translations (PT-EN), logo design, page manager and tester

    Bukkit fan!

  • Avatar of tracat tracat Mar 09, 2015 at 09:15 UTC - 0 likes

    Thanks for the best shop plugin ever seen Our server is facing a problem that the shop sometimes can't reload properly after the server is restarted bukkit server version is 1.7.10

  • Avatar of woutwoot woutwoot Mar 04, 2015 at 07:30 UTC - 0 likes

    @maniek54: Go

    @HunterBrad: Go

    I am very sorry, but 1.8 servers are not (yet) supported. I have to change a huge amount of code to make it compatible. I will probably not be updating this plugin to 1.8, or, if I do so, you'll find it in the Spigot premium plugins section.

    Last edited Mar 07, 2015 by woutwoot: Added link
  • Avatar of HunterBrad HunterBrad Feb 12, 2015 at 19:34 UTC - 0 likes

    i installed everything, and the permissions, but yet it dont work. running bukkit 1.8.1 works with 1.8 plugins

  • Avatar of maniek54 maniek54 Feb 04, 2015 at 17:48 UTC - 0 likes


    I imstalled Vault and iConomy, still. Whenever i try to create shop the item just flips around.


  • Avatar of woutwoot woutwoot Dec 31, 2014 at 09:27 UTC - 0 likes

    @dart2112: Go

    Can you create a ticket and provide a screenshot for this? I can't help you with only that one sentence.

  • Avatar of woutwoot woutwoot Dec 08, 2014 at 09:49 UTC - 0 likes

    1.8 update: Looks like I'm going to have to change a lot of core mechanics. Some important things I use have changed in 1.8. I also have to find another way to save the shops because right now it's very unstable and people are having issues. I've done a quick compile for 1.8 (as always, available on my build server) but this will have problems. So, if you don't want your shops to look like this then please be patient until I can find the time to update the plugin. This might take a while ... sigh ...


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