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  1. /disguise -> /dis & /d
  2. /undisguise -> /undis & /ud
  3. /odisguise -> /odis & /od

Basic commands

/disguise helpShows information about the available commandsno permission
/disguise player <name>Disguise as a<name>
/disguise ghost <name>Disguise as a ghostiDisguise.ghost AND<name>
/disguise randomLet your server choose what you disguise asiDisguise.random
/disguise reloadReload the config.txt fileiDisguise.reload
/disguise statusShows what you are disguised asno permission
/disguise <mobtype>Disguise as a mobRead the permission section below
/disguise [ subtype] <mobtype> [ subtype]Disguise as a mob with the given subtypesRead the permission section below
/disguise <subtype>Change your subtype(s)Read the permission section below
/undisguiseUndisguise yourselfiDisguise.undisguise (only required if you turn this on in config.txt file
/undisguise *Undisguise everyone on the serveriDisguise.undisguise.all
/undisguise <player>Undisguise someone elseiDisguise.undisguise.others
/odisguise <player> helpShows information about the available subcommandsiDisguise.others
/odisguise <player> player <name>Disguise another player as a playeriDisguise.others
/odisguise <player> ghost <name>Disguise another player as a ghostiDisguise.others
/odisguise <player> randomLet your server choose what someone else disguises asiDisguise.others
/odisguise <player> statusShows what someone else is disguised asiDisguise.others
/odisguise <player> <mobtype>Disguise another player as a mobiDisguise.others
/odisguise <player> [ subtype] <mobtype> [ subtype]Disguise another player as a mob with the given subtypesiDisguise.others
/odisguise <player> <subtype>Change someone's subtype(s)iDisguise.others


cave_spidercave-spider, cavespider, blue_spider, blue-spider, bluespider, cave
cowcattle, ox
ender_dragondragon, ender-dragon, enderdragon
giantgiant_zombie, giant-zombie, giantzombie
iron_golemiron-golem, irongolem, golem
magma_cubemagma-cube, magmacube, magma, lava_cube, lava-cube, lavacube, lava, magma_slime, magma-slime, magmaslime, lava_slime, lava-slime, lavaslime
mushroom_cowmushroom-cow, mushroomcow, mushroom, mooshroom
pig_zombiepig-zombie, pigzombie, pigman, zombie_pigman, zombie-pigman, zombiepigman
polar_bearpolar-bear, polarbear, bear
snowmansnow-man, snow_man, snow_golem, snow-golem, snowgolem
witherbosswither-boss, wither_boss
armor_standarmor-stand, armorstand
ender_crystalender-crystal, endercrystal, crystal
falling_blockfalling-block, fallingblock, block
itemitemstack, item-stack, item_stack


version 5.3.x and later

Let's say I would like to disguise as an ocelot. Now I first type /disguise ocelot but instead of hitting enter now, I press the tab key to get my command auto-completed. And now I get a message containing all the available subtypes for my chosen disguise type. In this case I see adult, baby, wild, black, red, siamese. This works the same for every other disguise type and you can even just type /disguise and then press the tab key to get auto-completions for the base command. (All of this works for /odisguise and /undisguise too)

You can, of course, still apply as many subtypes as you want at once, and you can still switch the order of all the arguments (e.g. red sheep instead of sheep red).

Attention: Be careful with pressing the tab key, because some disguise types (e.g. item stack and falling block) have tons of subtypes. In this case every block and item type that exists in Minecraft is shown to you, so your chat bar might easily get spammed.

version 5.2.3 and before

Just disguise as a mob and then type /disguise help and you will get a message containing all the available subtypes for your current disguise.

To apply a subtype, simply type /disguise <subtype> (e,g, /disguise red after disguising as a sheep)

You can also append the subtype directly after the mob type, to disguise faster: /disguise <mobtype> <subtype> (e.g. /disguise sheep red)

You can also simply switch the order of the arguments: /disguise <subtype> <mobtype> (e.g. /disguise red sheep)

You can also apply multiple subtypes at once: /disguise <subtype> <mobtype> <subtype> (e.g. /disguise red baby sheep)


iDisguise.*All permissions
iDisguise.adminCombines some administration stuff (disguise in prohibited worlds, disguise and undisguise others, reload the config.txt, receive a notification if an update is available)
iDisguise.everywhereDisguise in prohibited worlds (this is also required to disguise other players in prohibited worlds)
iDisguise.ghostDisguise as a ghost (you also need iDisguise.player.<name> to be allowed to do that)
iDisguise.mob.*Disguise as every living mob including every subtype
iDisguise.object.*Disguise as every non living mob (blocks, items, carts, ...)
iDisguise.othersDisguise other players (as of version 5.3.1, you also need the permissions specific to the disguise types to be allowed to disguise other players)<name>Disguise as the player with the given name
iDisguise.player.prohibitedDisguise as prohibited players (see config file)*Disguise as every player except the prohibited ones (also nonexisting)
iDisguise.randomLet the server choose your disguise
iDisguise.reloadReload the config and language file
iDisguise.undisguiseUndisguise yourself (this is only required if you enable undisguise-permission in the config.yml file)
iDisguise.undisguise.allUndisguise everyone
iDisguise.undisguise.othersUndisguise other players
iDisguise.updateReceive a notification when an update is available
iDisguise.mob.babyDisguise as baby mobs
iDisguise.mob.batDisguise as a bat
iDisguise.mob.blazeDisguise as a blaze
iDisguise.mob.cave_spiderDisguise as a cave spider
iDisguise.mob.chickenDisguise as a chicken
iDisguise.mob.cowDisguise as a cow
iDisguise.mob.creeperDisguise as a creeper
iDisguise.mob.creeper.poweredDisguise as a charged creeper (you also need the basic iDisguise.mob.creeper permission)
iDisguise.mob.ender_dragonDisguise as an enderdragon
iDisguise.mob.endermanDisguise as an enderman
iDisguise.mob.enderman.blockHold a block as an enderman
iDisguise.mob.endermiteDisguise as an endermite
iDisguise.mob.ghastDisguise as a ghast
iDisguise.mob.giantDisguise as a giant zombie
iDisguise.mob.guardianDisguise as a guardian as an elder guardian
iDisguise.mob.horseDisguise as a horse*Change your variant as a horse<variant>Just be allowed to use one single variant instead of all
iDisguise.mob.iron_golemDisguise as an iron golem
iDisguise.mob.magma_cubeDisguise as a magma cube
iDisguise.mob.magma_cube.giantDisguise as a magma cube of an unnormal size (bigger than 4 blocks)
iDisguise.mob.mushroom_cowDisguise as a mushroom cow
iDisguise.mob.ocelotDisguise as an ocelot
iDisguise.mob.ocelot.type.*Change your color/type as an ocelot
iDisguise.mob.ocelot.type.<cattype>Just be allowed to use one single color/type instead of all
iDisguise.mob.pigDisguise as a pig
iDisguise.mob.pig.saddledCarry a saddle as a pig
iDisguise.mob.pig_zombieDisguise as a zombie pigman
iDisguise.mob.polar_bearDisguise as a polar bear
iDisguise.mob.rabbitDisguise as a rabbit
iDisguise.mob.rabbit.type.*Change your color/type as a rabbit
iDisguise.mob.rabbit.type.<rabbittype>Just be allowed to use one single rabbit type instead of all
iDisguise.mob.sheepDisguise as a sheep
iDisguise.mob.sheep.color.*Change your hide color as a sheep
iDisguise.mob.sheep.color.<color>Just be allowed to use one single color/type instead of all
iDisguise.mob.silverfishDisguise as a silver fish
iDisguise.mob.skeletonDisguise as a skeleton
iDisguise.mob.skeleton.strayDisguise as a stray (you also need iDisguise.mob.skeleton permission)
iDisguise.mob.skeleton.witherDisguise as a wither skeleton (you also need iDisguise.mob.skeleton permission)
iDisguise.mob.slimeDisguise as a slime
iDisguise.mob.slime.giantDisguise as a slime of an unnormal size (bigger than 4 blocks)
iDisguise.mob.snowmanDisguise as a snowman
iDisguise.mob.spiderDisguise as a spider
iDisguise.mob.squidDisguise as a squid
iDisguise.mob.villagerDisguise as a villager
iDisguise.mob.villager.profession.*Change your profession as a villager
iDisguise.mob.villager.profession.<profession>Just be allowed to use one single profession instead of all
iDisguise.mob.witchDisguise as a witch
iDisguise.mob.witherbossDisguise as a witherboss
iDisguise.mob.wolfDisguise as a wolf
iDisguise.mob.wolf.collar.*Change your collar color as a wolf (only visible if you are a tamed wolf)
iDisguise.mob.wolf.collar.<color>Just be allowed to use one single color instead of all
iDisguise.mob.wolf.tamedDisguise as a tamed wolf
iDisguise.mob.wolf.angryDisguise as an angry wolf (red eyes)
iDisguise.mob.zombieDisguise as a zombie
iDisguise.mob.zombie.huskDisguise as a husk (you also need iDisguise.mob.zombie permission)
iDisguise.mob.zombie.infectedDisguise as an infected villager (you also need iDisguise.mob.zombie permission)
iDisguise.object.armor_standDisguise as an armor stand
iDisguise.object.boatDisguise as a boat
iDisguise.object.ender_crystalDisguise as an ender crystal
iDisguise.object.falling_blockDisguise as a block
iDisguise.object.falling_block.material.*Disguise as a block of every material type (you also need iDisguise.object.falling_block permission)
iDisguise.object.falling_block.material.<material>Disguise as a block of one specific material type (you also need iDisguise.object.falling_block permission)
iDisguise.object.itemDisguise as a dropped item stack
iDisguise.object.minecartDisguise as minecart (includes block inside)

Horse variants

donkey, mule, normal, skeletal, undead

Cat types

black, red, siamese, wild

Rabbit types

black, black-white, brown, gold, salt-pepper, killer, white

Hide & collar colors

black, blue, brown, cyan, gray, green, light-blue, lime, magenta, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, white, yellow

Villager professions

blacksmith, butcher, farmer, librarian, priest

Block materials

stone, grass, dirt, cobblestone, wood, sapling, bedrock, ...

Basically just all materials from this list that are actual blocks. The names must be lower case, underscores must be replaced by hyphens.

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