Grief Prevention


AUTOMATICALLY PREVENTS ALL FORMS OF GRIEF, including build/break, theft, spam, fire, spawn camping, lava dumping, chat trolling, advertising and more, so you don't have to undo any damage after the fact. It even teaches players how to use it so you don't have to! No configuration or database required. Stop responding to grief and prevent it instead. Grief Prevention will solve your grief problems without requiring you to manage a roster of trained administrators, juggle 10 different anti-grief plugins, take away cool standard game features, publish a training manual / tutorial for players, or add explanatory signs to your world. You can also choose to integrate PvP elements into build design to finally get a PvP experience befitting a sandbox game about creative building.

Grief Prevention stops grief before it starts automatically without any effort from administrators, and with very little (self service) effort from players. Solve all your grief problems with a single download, no database, and no configuration step.

Official Servers (Try it for yourself!)

You can experience this plugin for yourself (as a player) by joining this public server. :) I maintain this server personally, which helps me catch bugs and spot opportunities for new features and improvements. Have fun!

Downloads by Minecraft Version

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The Manual

Feature List

Yes, everything is customizable. See Setup and Configuration.

  • No database or world backups required.
  • Extremely efficient CPU / RAM usage.
  • Land claims are easy to manage.
    • Players create and manage their own land claims, so you don't have to do it for them.
    • New players get automatic claims around their first chests so they're protected even if they don't know how to create land claims yet.
    • Players who ask for help in chat get an instant link to a demonstration video.
    • Resizing claims and creating new claims is done with ONLY the mouse, no slash commands (slash commands are also available).
    • When a player appears to be building something nice outside his claim, he's warned and shown his claim boundaries.
    • Claim boundaries are easy to see, and don't require any client-side mod installation.
    • Extremely easy-to-remember, single-parameter slash commands for giving other players permissions.
    • Claim subdivision and granular permissions are available to organize towns and cities. Watch this video.
  • It's IMPOSSIBLE to grief a land claim. Watch this video.
    • No building or breaking.
    • No stealing from ANY containers.
    • No sleeping in beds.
    • No button/lever usage.
    • No adjusting redstone repeaters or other configurable blocks.
    • No pushing blocks in with pistons.
    • No pulling blocks out with pistons.
    • No TNT damage (including cannons).
    • No creeper damage.
    • No explosive damage from other plugins, like Extra Hard Mode or Magic Spells.
    • No enderman/silverfish block changes.
    • All doors may be automatically locked (optional, see config file).
    • No killing or luring animals away.
    • No stealing water (e.g. buckets).
    • No trampling crops by players, animals, or monsters.
    • No building overtop, all claims reach to the max build height.
    • No placing or breaking paintings / item frames / armor stands, etc.
    • Fluids will not flow into a claim from outside.
    • No placing blocks via TNT/Sand/Gravel cannon.
  • Pets and death loot are protected.
    • Players can't pick up what another player dropped on death without permission.
    • All types of pets are protected everywhere, even outside of land claims (can be configured per-world).
  • Excellent anti-spam protection
    • Warns, then mutes, then may kick or ban spammers (configurable - you choose).
    • Most spammers get only one message out before they're muted.
    • Blocks server advertising (IP addresses).
    • Blocks repeat message spam.
    • Blocks ASCII art (ex. Nyan Cats) spam.
    • Blocks similar message spam.
    • Blocks unreadable (gibberish) message spam.
    • Blocks CAPS.
    • Blocks macro spam (very different messages in quick succession).
    • Blocks login/logout spam, even when the spammer has multiple accounts.
    • Blocks death spam.
    • Blocks bot team spam.
    • Blocks slash command spam, including /tell, /emote, and any more you add.
  • Wilderness Protection and Rollback
    • Fire doesn't spread or destroy blocks.
    • Creepers and other explosions don't destroy blocks above sea level.
    • TNT doesn't destroy blocks above sea level.
    • No planting trees on platforms in the sky ("tree grief").
    • Instant, point and click nature restoration for not-claimed areas. Watch this video.
      • Insanely easy and fast fixes for penises, swastikas, and anything else unsightly.
      • Point at what you don't like and click, and it's fixed. Even from far away.
      • Never accidentally changes blocks inside land claims.
      • No need to investigate who built it, who broke it, or when they did it.
      • Doesn't matter if the griefer built with "natural" blocks, it will still be fixed.
      • No database.
      • No backups.
      • No chunk regeneration (it's dangerous for technical reasons).
      • Fixes bad chunk generations, like floating islands. It will be better than new.
      • Fills holes, even next to water to correct big spills.
      • Smooths noisy terrain.
      • No griefer construction is safe. If it's unnatural enough to be noticeable by players, it will be removed or filled-in.
  • Land claims can't be used as a griefing tool.
    • It's impossible to get a player "stuck" inside a land claim.
    • Land claims beyond the first require a golden shovel.
    • Minimum claim size prevents sprinkling small claims to annoy other players.
    • Max claim allowance grows with time played on the server, and can't be cheated by idling.
    • A simple administrative slash command will instantly remove all of a griefer's claims, no matter where they are.
  • Catches clever griefers.
    • Enhances the /ban command to ban ALL a griefer's accounts (not just his IP address).
    • Logs sign placements.
    • /SoftMute command to shut down chat trolls without them knowing they're beaten.
    • Abridged chat logs make reviewing what happened while you were away super-quick and easy.
    • Automatically mutes new-to-server players who use racial or homophobic slurs.
  • PvP Protections.
    • When PvP is off, no setting fire or dumping lava near other players.
    • Absolutely bullet-proof anti-spawn-camping protection including bed respawns, which requires no configuration.
    • No logging out, stashing items, or using plugin teleportation to escape combat.
    • Optional siege mode, to answer players who hide in their claimed houses to avoid combat.
  • Supports your server growth.
    • Permit players to exchange server currency for claim blocks (requires configuration and other plugins).
    • Grant claim blocks automatically for votes, donations, etc (console command provided, other plugins required).

Please Vote for Grief Prevention

I've also posted Grief Prevention on the Spigot site, where plugins are ranked based on reviews. If you love GP, please take a couple of minutes to give GP your rating and leave a short review. Better rating and positive reviews will help server owners who look for plugins on the Spigot site make the safe choice (GP) instead of downloading something sketchy or incomplete. :) Thanks so much for all your support!

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  • Avatar of angiebobb angiebobb Oct 26, 2016 at 14:50 UTC - 0 likes

    I'm having an issue with using GP and PlotSquared.

    When I type /p home and go into my claimed area, GriefPrevention says that I don't have permission to build. I have to type /ignoreclaims to build on it. I don't want my players to have this error when trying to use it.

    Is there a setting to where I can fix that?

  • Avatar of The_PC_Tech_Guy The_PC_Tech_Guy Oct 25, 2016 at 01:29 UTC - 0 likes

    @MasterMithrandir: Go

    To disable, simply set the corresponding messages.yml line to an empty string (two quotation marks).

    Semi-unrelated, I'm not sure why people are opposed to "more" plugins in itself - Having multiple smaller plugins or one big plugin takes up the same amount of resources. (If anything, it's harder to identify performance issues in a bigger plugin.)

    This account is so old that I don't even use that username anymore.
    I now go by "robomwm"

  • Avatar of MasterMithrandir MasterMithrandir Oct 14, 2016 at 13:39 UTC - 0 likes

    @The_PC_Tech_Guy: Go

    I won't be adding aditional plugins just for this. In fact if I can disable it please tell me how. It's either all in or nothing :P

    I would suggest this feature to be improved.

    Last edited Oct 14, 2016 by MasterMithrandir

    Servidor Español:

  • Avatar of The_PC_Tech_Guy The_PC_Tech_Guy Oct 13, 2016 at 16:50 UTC - 0 likes

    @MasterMithrandir: Go

    Easily do-able in another plugin - monitor chat event, optionally hook into GP and print the corresponding message (or read the messages.yml file in the plugin itself). GP uses a hardcoded regex pattern to detect the phrase. Any plugin can do this and print a message to "add on" to the list of phrases to detect.

    If you don't want to deal with regex or making a plugin, NoobResponse has been a plugin that has been working okay for me.

  • Avatar of MasterMithrandir MasterMithrandir Oct 08, 2016 at 16:04 UTC - 0 likes

    The keywords for obtaining ingame help with a link are in english. My server is spanish, therefore these help messages only appear when someone says something in english like "claim".

    Could the messages be customizable so I could just insert a few common phrases when someone wants to ask for help?

  • Avatar of bigpresh bigpresh Sep 15, 2016 at 20:44 UTC - 0 likes

    <<reply 2864477>>

    kyanoke40, I commented on the ticket you raised for this idea, but thought I'd reply here so it's clear to all you're not ignored!  From my reply on the ticket:

    I'm sure you're not the first to suggest this, and I think it would unbalance PvP on PvP-enabled servers, as you could stop people getting to you, rather than having to actually come up with a secure build and watch your back.

    Tracking the movement of every player to see when they enter claims would likely be very expensive, too.

    <<reply 2864477>>

    MasterMithrandir - my reply applies to the /claimkick suggestion part of your comment, too :)

  • Avatar of bigpresh bigpresh Sep 15, 2016 at 20:39 UTC - 0 likes

    <<reply 2866269>>


    First, I'd like to say a massive thank you for all the work you did on Grief Prevention. It's no exaggeration to say that without it, many public Minecraft servers just would not be feasible -you're right that it's a massive achievement indeed!

    As I understand it,  RoboMWM has already been helping with GP for some time so it's good to see it go to a safe pair of hands.

    bigscary - thanks again, and I wish you the very best of luck with your indie game dev endeavours, look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  • Avatar of bigscary bigscary Sep 15, 2016 at 19:23 UTC - 0 likes

    Hey all! After 5 years of developing Minecraft plugins, I've finally decided to kick my game up a notch and switch to independent game development (that's right, standalone apps!). Because my free time is down to only an hour a day now, it would be impossible for me to continue maintenance on my 7 plugin projects and also make progress on anything new, so I'm transitioning all my work to other developers. RoboMWM (PC Tech Guy on BukkitDev) will take over GriefPrevention, and my premium plugin projects are 'on the market'.

    Concerning GriefPrevention in particular... if you've ever suggested a feature, reported a bug, or asked for a tweak, I owe you a big high five. Together, we solved what I believe was the biggest problem in Minecraft - griefing (a.k.a. bullying). There were lots of people (including developers) who said it would be impossible to fix it all with a single plugin, let alone one that doesn't require a database or the around-the-clock support of server staff. GP is a massive achievement that took damn near all my free time for five years, but you all deserve some credit because without you, it would be much less badass today.

    If you'd like to tag along on my future adventures, you can follow me on Facebook here. As I'm diving into unfamiliar waters, I dunno exactly what I can promise, but my imagination tells me I'll be sharing screenshots, videos, and demo versions of my work, and also asking for feedback and other ideas through those channels. I hope the combination of my professional software engineering skills and the free time project management / design experience I picked up from Minecraft plugins and World of Warcraft addons will add up to fun, relevant, profitable games. You'll be happy to hear that what I've earned from Minecraft via premium resource purchases and YouTube ad revenue hasn't been squandered on 'beer and pizza' or 'phat lewtz', but stashed away for future investments like buying/commissioning multimedia assets for my dream projects.

    Wish me luck! I've been working hard, and now I'm using that momentum to chase the gamer dream. ;)


  • Avatar of kyanoke40 kyanoke40 Sep 11, 2016 at 09:26 UTC - 0 likes

    i have a new idea/update for the plugin you need to add that you can kick/ban players from your claim! That will be the best update ever!

  • Avatar of rodneymillerpca rodneymillerpca Sep 01, 2016 at 03:22 UTC - 0 likes

    Greetings, Thank you for another awesome plugin! I am a shear rookie at this. This plugin is the second I setup. (After your population density) This one is also easy to set up and easy for players to use and understand. Thank you also for BeardCraft. I enjoy visiting there often.

    Thanks again, RodneyMillerPCA

    P.S. I created an amateur video showing the use of this plugin on our server. Feel free to enjoy. Video link

    Server: Website:


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