The plugin for adding Gods to the world of minecraft.

A God is an entity that exist because a player has chosen to believe in it.

A player shows his faith in a god by building an altar for his god and using the altar to pray. In this way, many gods may exist at a time, all with names created by the players.

The main purpose for believing in these Gods is to gain from the help the Gods provide (see below) and to provide some basic faction play based on ideology and culture (I.e. "My god is better than yours because apples are holy!").

Note that this does NOT mean that Gods are "free item dispensers": Gods will only bless players with items when they are pleased with the effort of their believers.
Gods will even punish a player for ignoring their divine wishes.

With Holy Lands, players can easily protect their lands from grief by simply building alters.

Another purpose is simply to get people inspired to build awesome churches for their Gods.
Check out what others have build for their God here



Building an altar is simple:

  • Place a normal or redstone torch on a smooth brick block
  • Place a sign on the side of the block with ONLY the name of your God written on any line
  • Players can now pray to this God by right-clicking on the altar sign

If you place a normal torch, you specify a male God.
If you place a redstone torch, you specify a female God (Goddess).
Note that when building the first altar for a God, the altars position will be set as the "religion home" and believers can reach it with the /gods home command.


  • Gods exist as long as players believe in them
  • Gods comes into existence when players build altars to them
  • Gods grow stronger from the number of believers they have
  • Gods grow stronger from the number of prayers at their alters
  • Gods appoints a single believer to be his priest
  • Gods will bless their believers with (only) items they need
  • Gods will bless their believers with health if they need it
  • Priest can pray for Blessing and Cursing specific players
  • Gods send their believers on quests
  • Gods protect their lands around their altars.

Pleasing the Gods

As we all know, Gods are very moody entities:

  • Whenever you do something which the God approve of, his mood will increase.
  • Whenever you do something which the God disapprove of, his mood will decrease.
  • Even when doing nothing, the Gods mood will slightly decrease. (Gods do not like being ignored)

The mood of a God has certain effects:

  • Exalted Gods will give needed items, food and actively bless their believer with buffs.
  • Pleased Gods will give needed items and food.
  • Neutral Gods will encourage more prayers.
  • Displeased Gods will complain about lack of attention.
  • Angry Gods will punish their believers for lack of attention.

Any believer can check the mood of their God with the /g info command.

Item Blessings

Periodically, the God will check for his believers needs:

  • When a believer has no pickaxe, the God will bless his believer with a pickaxe
  • When a believer has no sword, the God will bless his believer with a sword
  • When a believer is low on health, the God will bless his with health
  • When a believer has no food, the God will bless his believer with food

The more powerful the God is, the more frequent the God will attend to his believers. The exact quality of the item (wood, stone, diamond) also depends on the power of the God.

Blessing Altars

A Priest can ask his God to specifically bless any player by using an altar:

  • Build an altar as described above
  • On the sign, write "Blessings" on line 1
  • On the sign, write "on" (or anything) on line 2
  • On the sign, write the name of the player on line 3

Now the priest can right-click the sign, praying to his God to bless that player!

Cursing Altars

A Priest can ask his God to specifically curse any player by using an altar:

  • Build an altar as described above
  • On the sign, write "Curses" on line 1
  • On the sign, write "on" (or anything) on line 2
  • On the sign, write the name of the player on line 3

Now the priest can right-click the sign, praying to his God to curse that player!


Any God with respect for himself have strong opinions about what is right and wrong.

A God will periodically tell his priest about what food and creature types are considered holy and unholy.
Because the God will react swiftly with blessings and curses on his believers accordingly to these commandments, it is the priests responsibility to communicate (preach) this information to the believers in general.


Gods will periodically issue quests for their believers, for them to show their faith in him.
This may include quest for slaying mobs, sacrificing certain items etc.
If completed, all the believers will be rewarded by the God and the quest completion will act as a mass-prayer, effectivly adding significantly more belief to the God.


Believers can sacrifice items to their God by burning any item of their choice.
The God will have a certain need for certain item types and it is up to the believer to find out the needs of their God at any given time.
Sacrificing items that the God needs will result in a blessing and added belief in the God, which in turn adds more power to the God.
Be warned that sacrificing items to a God which has no interest in the item or "spam-sacrificing" a God can have deadly consequences...
Gods will also issue sacrifice quests from time to time.

The Holy Book

All Gods have their "Bible" or "Holy Book", which is maintained by the priest. At any time, the priest can produce a copy of the current edition of the Holy Book with /gods bible.
The priest can edit a copy of the current edition of the Holy Book with /gods editbible.
He can also choose to set the currently held book to be the official Holy Book for his religion with /gods setbible.


Players can marry another believer within their own religion.
After completing the simple wedding ceremony, the couple can "love" each other with the /g love command.
Married couples will add further to the happiness of their God, especially if their God is a God of love.

Holy Lands

The land around an altar is considered holy to that particular God.
Only believers of the God has access and can destroy within their Holy Land. This acts as a simple anti grief control purely based on building altars.

Conquering Holy Lands

  • When using Holy Lands, a priest can call an attack on an enemy God's Holy Land by using the /g attack command.
  • During the attack, the Holy Land is considered "contested" and no-none can build within the land.
  • The contested state will last for 1 day or until either side of the attack has killed enough believers to resolve the conflict.

The God Names

By default, any player is free to believe in any obscure God name that he wishes. (Just like in real life...). To gain more control over the God names, there are 2 options:

  • Use a whitelist containing the God names of the allowed Gods on the server. ONLY these Gods will be permitted on the server.
  • Use a blacklist containing the God names that are disallowed on the server. Any other God name than these will be permitted on the server.

Check out the whitelist & blacklist page for the details on how to setup these lists.

See config settings below for how to enable the blacklist and whitelist.

Languages & Custom God speak

All the text for the Gods speech can be changed and customized to your needs.
You might want do adjust the tone of what a God say, expand what a God can say or even want a God to speak in another language!

All the God speech text files are found in /lang folder within the plugins folder and are by default automatically downloaded from my own server at http://www.doggycraft.dk.
(Note: To disable the download of language files, set the DownloadLanguageFile option to false in your config.yml.)
Simply use these file as templates for other languages or for adjusting the tone of voice for each God type.

Chat Formatting

Chatformat Want to a players God as part of their chatname?
See here how to setup God names in the chat


Put the Gods.jar file in your /plugins folder and you are ready to go!


godsShow the basic info
gods helpShows the command list
gods listShow the top 10 list of gods
gods infoShow the detailed info for your God
gods info <godname>Show the detailed info for a specific God
gods check <playername>Show what God another player believes in
gods desc <description>Lets a priest set description for their religion
gods marry <playername>Propose marrige to another believer
gods divorceDivorce your partner
gods loveLove your marrige partner
gods followersShows a list of beliveres for your God
gods followers <godname>Shows a list of beliveres for a specific God
gods openLets a priest set their religion as public
gods closedLets a priest set their religion as private
gods warLets a priest declare war against another religion
gods allyLets a priest declare alliance with another religion
gods invite <playername>Lets a priest invite a player to his religion
gods kick <playername>Lets a priest kick a player from his religion
gods pvpLets a priest set PvP within their religion
gods bibleLets a priest produce a copy of their Holy Book
gods editbibleLets a priest edit the current Holy Book
gods setbibleLets a priest set the currently held book as the Holy Book
gods chatToggle chat within player's own religion
gods leaveLeave your religion
gods setpriest <godname> <playername>Set <playername> as priest for the god <godname>
gods reloadReloads the config settings from disk
gods yesAccept a proposal from a God
gods noReject a proposal from a God

Permission Nodes

Note that Gods currently supports PermissionsBukkit, PermissionsEX, bPermissions and GroupManager.
Just PM me with requests for supporting other managers.

  • gods.* - Player can do everything below
  • gods.pray- Player can pray directly to their Gods using /g prayfor command
  • gods.listen - Player can hear Gods speaking
  • gods.marry- Allows the Player to marry
  • gods.quest.slay - Player can participate in slaying quests
  • gods.altar.build - Player can build an altar
  • gods.altar.pray - Player can pray using an altar
  • gods.altar.sacrifice - Player can sacrifice items using fire
  • gods.god.create - Player can create (believe) in a new God
  • gods.itemblessings - Player can receive item blessings from a God
  • gods.blessings - Player can be blessed by a God
  • gods.commandments - Player is affected by commandments of a God
  • gods.curses - Player can be cursed by a God
  • gods.marry - Player can marry other players
  • gods.love - Player can love their partner
  • gods.divorce - Player can divorce their marrige partner
  • gods.accept - Player can accept proposal from a God
  • gods.reject - Player can reject proposal from a God
  • gods.help - Player can check the help information
  • gods.info - Player can check info for each God
  • gods.listen - Player can hear the words of a God
  • gods.chat - Player can toggle chatting within their own religion
  • gods.sethome - Player can set their religion home
  • gods.home - Player teleport to their religion home
  • gods.check - Player can check which God another player believes in
  • gods.setpriest - Player can set the priest of a God
  • gods.priest - Player can become priest of a Gods
  • gods.priest.invite - Priest can invite player to his religion
  • gods.priest.kick - Priest can kick player from his religion
  • gods.priest.description - Priest can set description for his religion
  • gods.priest.pvp - Priest can toggle pvp within his religions Holy Land
  • gods.priest.alliance - Priest can declare alliance with another religion
  • gods.priest.war - Priest can declare war towards another religion
  • gods.priest.peace - Priest can declare peace towards another religion
  • gods.priest.description - Priest can change the description of his religion
  • gods.priest.bible - Priest can produce a copy of their Bible
  • gods.priest.editbible - Priest can edit their Bible
  • gods.priest.setbible - Priest can set a book as their Bible
  • gods.holyland - Player is affected by holylands (I.e: Unable to build in holyland of another God)
  • gods.list - Player can check the list of Gods
  • gods.reload - Player can reload the Gods configuration file
  • gods.updates - Player will see notifications about new updates to the Gods plugin


SettingDescriptionDefault Value
Settings.ServerNameDefault name for the server. Used for god talking, the 10 list etc.'Your Server'
Settings.WorldsList of worldnames in which Gods are enabled<list>
Settings.MoodFalloffMood falloff multiplier for all Gods0.030
Settings.MinItemBlessingTimeMinimum time in minutes between a God can bless a believer with items10
Settings.DownloadLanguageFileWheter language files should be downloaded from Doggytrue
Settings.OnlyPriestCanSetHomeWhether only priests can set the religion homefalse
Settings.MaxPriestsPrGodMaximum priests in a religion.1
Settings.NumberOfBelieversPrPriestNumber of believers needed between seeking next priest3
Settings.MaxBelieverPrayerTimeMaximum allowed number of hours since last prayer for a believer. If exceeded, the God will lose him as a believer.72
Settings.MaxPriestPrayerTimeMaximum allowed number of hours since last prayer for a priest. If exceeded, the God will drop him as priest and start looking for a new one.154
Settings.MinBelieverPrayerTimeMinimum number of minutes allowed between prayer for a believer.30
Settings.DisplayUpdateNotificationsDisplay notifications about new updates for this plugintrue
Blessings.EnabledWhether the blessing features are enabledtrue
Commandments.EnabledWhether the commandments features are enabledfalse
Commandments.BroadcastMobSlainBroadcast slain mobs to all believerstrue
Commandments.BroadcastFoodEatenBroadcast food eaten to all believerstrue
Quests.EnabledWhether the quest features are enabledfalse
Quests.MinMinutesBetweenQuestsMinimum minutes allowed for a God giving out quests180
Quests.RewardValuesThe godpower value of items which can be rewarded for completing quests<list>
Blessing.EnabledEnable blessings on players controlled by prieststrue
Blessing.MaxBlessingTimeNumber of minutes a player can be blessed by a priest at a time10
Blessing.MinBlessingTimeNumber of seconds between a player can be blessed60
Blessing.FastDiggingEnable fast digging blessingstrue
Blessing.RegenerationEnable regeneration blessingstrue
Cursing.EnabledEnable curses on players controlled by prieststrue
Cursing.MaxCursingTimeNumber of minutes a player can be cursed by a priest at a time10
Cursing.MinCursingTimeNumber of seconds between a player can be cursed5
Cursing.LightningEnable lightning cursestrue
Cursing.MobsEnable hostile mobs cursestrue
MinBelieversForPriestMinimum believers required for a God before the God appoints his priest.3
LeaveReligionOnDeathWhether a believer will auto-leave his religion when killed.false
ItemBlessings.GodPowerForLevel1ItemsThe power needed for handing out level 1 items (stone)10
ItemBlessings.GodPowerForLevel2ItemsThe power needed for handing out level 1 items (iron)50
ItemBlessings.GodPowerForLevel3ItemsThe power needed for handing out level 1 items (diamond)100
ItemBlessings.MinItemBlessingTimeMinimum time in minutes between a God can bless a believer with items10
ItemBlessings.MinGodPowerForItemBlessingsMinimum God power for a God before a God can bless a believer with items3
Holyland.EnabledWhether the holy land features are enabledfalse
Holyland.BreakableblockTypesList of block types which can always be destroyed within Holy LandsSMOOTH_BRICK
Holyland.DefaultPvPWhether believers can PvP eachother wihin their Holy Land by defaultfalse
Holyland.DefaultMobDamageWhether believers can take damage from mobs within their Holy Land by defaultfalse
Holyland.LightningPlayers will be pnunished by lightning if attempting PvP within another religions Holy Landfalse
GodVerbosityHow talkative are the Gods? (value from 0 to infinity)1
PriestAssignCommandCommand to be executed when removing a player as priest. This is useful for adding players into a "priest" rank. Example for PermissionsBukket: 'perm player setgroup $0 $1'""
PriestRemoveCommandCommand to be executed when removing a player as priest. This is useful for removing players from a "priest" rank. Example for PermissionsBukket: 'perm player setgroup $0 $1'""
UseWhitelistUse whitelist to only allow the God names on itfalse
UseBlacklistUse blacklist to disallow specific God namesfalse
LanguageFileUse this file for God language textenglish.yml
Bibles.EnabledWhether the Bible features are enabledfalse
Altars.BlockTypesThe altar blocktype for each God type (divine force)<list>
Marrige.EnabledWhether marrige is enabledtrue
HolyArtifacts.EnabledWhether Holy artifacts are enabledfalse
DebugEnable debugging informationfalse

Upcoming features

  • Admin commands for setting power, type, names for Gods
  • Holy Artifacts
  • Titans
  • God "drama": Jealousy, weddings, love, hate, war and family relations between Gods.
  • Prophecies
  • Holy Battles
  • Pilgrimages
  • Crusades
  • Prayers
  • Miracles
  • More effects/feedback when destroying altars
  • Specific permissions for each God using the whitelist
  • Specific language files for each God using the whitelist
  • Gods periodically manifests themselves self in the world in form of a mob
  • Server history as seen from each religion noted in their Holy Book
  • God personalities
  • Direct PvP/Battlefield action by Gods
  • More commandments
  • Weather altars
  • Altars deteriorate the surrounding blocks if their God dies out

Do you want to support this plugin?

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This plugin contacts curse.com and checks for newer versions by using the Curse ServerMOD API.
Opting out of this service can be done by editing config.yml and changing DisplayUpdateNotifications to false.

This plugin utilises Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to mcstats.org:

A unique identifier
The server's version of Java
Whether the server is in offline or online mode
The plugin's version
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The OS version/name and architecture
The core count for the CPU
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The Metrics version

Opting out of this service can be done by editing config.yml and changing MetricsOptOut to true.

Want to contribute? Gods is open source!

Check out the official repository on github

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  • Avatar of Papafox1 Papafox1 Sep 18, 2016 at 14:56 UTC - 0 likes

    Love the plugin but it seems to be spamming my console as well. I cant stand it. I saw you said youod fix it inthe next update, but can we maybe get a hotfix? difficult to use my console with this spam.

  • Avatar of Metisuneatn Metisuneatn Sep 09, 2016 at 19:48 UTC - 0 likes

    Is there a command like chat spy for the gods chat?

    Also cant seem to get gods open and gods close to work

    Is there any way that /gods home can get a cooldown or option for it?

    Last edited Sep 09, 2016 by Metisuneatn
  • Avatar of OriginalMadman OriginalMadman Aug 28, 2016 at 21:50 UTC - 0 likes

    Is there no Powerfalloff now? That's going to be a little tricky with the powercreep. We could really use Powerfalloff setting just like Moodfalloff (which can be set to 0 or whatever). Thanks for considering @DoggyOnFire!

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  • Avatar of Ti0n3b Ti0n3b Aug 24, 2016 at 00:59 UTC - 0 likes

    @DoggyOnFire: Go


  • Avatar of OriginalMadman OriginalMadman Aug 22, 2016 at 22:30 UTC - 0 likes

    @DoggyOnFire: Go

    I agree, it's a great feature. My headache is that it is OP atm. Maybe if you can make the sacrifice mood effect configurable, just a multiplier like the other settings? the same goes each gods sacrifice buildup (e.g. how much they want, how fast they want more). I would really like that, since that means we can tune it in.

    Blacklist/whitelist for sacrifice would also be a feature I'd love (I would personally make it whitelist and just make the hard to get and expensive items and tune it with the other params.)

    I also just found a bug with marriages it seems. My god (evil) is happy about two married players, and says it increases our power - but they are actually in another religion so he shouldn't care. There is also a spelling mistake in one of those messages "your union spreads our dakarness across damNation".

    Thanks again!

  • Avatar of DoggyOnFire DoggyOnFire Aug 21, 2016 at 15:28 UTC - 0 likes

    @OriginalMadman: Go

    I think that "No priests for [God]" was meant as a debug message. I have corrected that in the upcoming version :P

    I could half the mood increase for sacrifices if that makes more sense. I just want to make sure that sacrifices are an essential way to impress their God. (more than prayers)

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  • Avatar of OriginalMadman OriginalMadman Aug 21, 2016 at 14:39 UTC - 0 likes

    Everything seems to work as expected (I always tune down verbosity by a magnitude). Sacrifices work too well, and its a little easy for players to max out mood IMHO. I will probably turn that off (as we have done before).

    For some reason Gods will spam a lot of "No priests for [God]" in the console several times per minute.

    Anyway, superhappy it's on and working again! Thanks!

  • Avatar of OriginalMadman OriginalMadman Aug 21, 2016 at 00:47 UTC - 0 likes

    Hell yes! This is one of the plugins I missed the most. We had a heyday with it a couple of years ago. Thanks for updating DoggyOnFire!

  • Avatar of Kamikazifrosty Kamikazifrosty Aug 20, 2016 at 22:35 UTC - 0 likes

    Thank you :D!

  • Avatar of DoggyOnFire DoggyOnFire Aug 20, 2016 at 09:56 UTC - 0 likes

    @Thing_II: Go

    @Ti0n3b: Go

    Version 0.9.0 with support for Bukkit 1.10 and cooldown for changing gods has just been uploaded.

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