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Once FoolMe is installed, every time a player logs in a task is scheduled for the player in approx 30 seconds (I think). When the task is called, it will send a ghast scream to the player, then it will repeat sooner, and sooner, until a ghast death sound is heard and it will stop. It will only happen again if the player relogs on the server.

I have made FoolMe for April's fool on my server. It is a creative server so they don't normally hear ghasts and it might scare them.


There is only 2 commands :
/foolme enable
/foolme disable

When the server restarts, it will reenable itself. If you're planing to put this just for April's fool, you should put it on your server just at midnight.


You will need foolme.admin to run the 2 commands above.

Can I use the source for other purposes or modify it?

Yes sure, feel free to take the source, it's in the jar file. You can also look and fork it here :



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  • Avatar of HenzQ HenzQ May 15, 2013 at 09:42 UTC - 0 likes

    I wish I knew about this before April Fool's day, would've been hilarious if I installed this.


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