Change log

WARNING: Do not run this version of Factions on a CraftBukkit version older than 1.4.2. If you do, doors and other objects will not be protected from left-click interaction, among other problems.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For people updating from an older 1.6.x Factions release, you will probably want to run these commands to update your configuration so that beacons and anvils are protected:
f config territoryProtectedMaterials anvil
f config territoryProtectedMaterials beacon
f config territoryProtectedMaterialsWhenOffline anvil
f config territoryProtectedMaterialsWhenOffline beacon

Updates specific to the 1.6 branch:

  • New setting "worldGuardBuildPriority" (default false). If enabled, it will allow players to build/destroy blocks inside a SafeZone if a WorldGuard region allows them to build there. (by flatbmx)
  • Wither skull explosions and Wither boss second-stage block destruction are now prevented by fireball explosion protection settings ("territoryBlockFireballs" etc.).
  • Removed spammy "boardclearat / clearclaim" message if LWC integration was present (by FlyingPikachu)

Updates made to both branches:

  • Performance overhaul generously sponsored by Funky Town Minecraft Server, using their large server's data for reference to help with testing and tuning. Our two most frequent/heavy Bukkit event listeners (PlayerMoveEvent and PlayerInteractEvent) now cycle through much faster on average, at 313% and 200% as fast respectively. Two of our commands were also inefficient and slow on servers with a very large number of factions, /f list and /f show, which have been made to run much more efficiently at 780% and 470% as fast respectively.
  • Fix for crash on plugin startup if Worldguard integration is enabled ("worldGuardChecking") but Worldguard plugin isn't loaded on server.
  • Update to "handleExploitTNTWaterlog" method to not destroy Ender chests or portals.
  • Backups are now created of bad factions.json and players.json files if they fail to load due to a JSON parse error, the same as we already do for bad conf.json.
  • Item frames are now protected just like paintings, and they are both now protected from explosions. (by Tahkeh)
  • Clarified "CraftBukkit is too old" error message to indicate problem is due to required GSON lib not being found in needed location.
  • Fix for economy check that made sure player/faction could afford specific commands not working correctly. (by spaceemotion)
  • Fix for slashless commands triggering sync errors in CraftBukkit on rare occasions due to being run async.


Uploaded on
Nov 08, 2012
Game version
  • CB 1.4.2-R0.2
  • CB 1.4.2-R0.1
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