1.7.8 beta

Change log

WARNING: Do not run this version of Factions on a CraftBukkit version older than 1.4.2. If you do, doors and other objects will not be protected from left-click interaction, among other problems.

NOTE: this is a beta release of our 1.7 development branch. It should be fairly stable at this point, but there is almost no documentation yet for the many changes included beyond those in the change logs for this and previous 1.7 alpha and beta releases. A few features from the 1.6 branch have been removed and may not be returning. You additionally will not be able to safely downgrade from a 1.7 release back to a 1.6 release. Based on these reasons, this release is not yet recommended for users without first playing with it on a secondary server.

Updates specific to the 1.7 branch:

  • Fix for odd case of pistons not working (via pistonProtectionThroughDenyBuild) if faction doesn't have build rights in its own territory.
  • Wither boss second-stage block destruction is now prevented in territory which has explosion protection.

Updates made to both branches:

  • Performance overhaul generously sponsored by Funky Town Minecraft Server, using their large server's data for reference to help with testing and tuning. Our two most frequent/heavy Bukkit event listeners (PlayerMoveEvent and PlayerInteractEvent) now cycle through much faster on average, at 313% and 200% as fast respectively. Two of our commands were also inefficient and slow on servers with a very large number of factions, /f list and /f show, which have been made to run much more efficiently at 780% and 470% as fast respectively.
  • Fix for crash on plugin startup if Worldguard integration is enabled ("worldGuardChecking") but Worldguard plugin isn't loaded on server.
  • Update to "handleExploitTNTWaterlog" method to not destroy Ender chests or portals.
  • Backups are now created of bad factions.json and players.json files if they fail to load due to a JSON parse error, the same as we already do for bad conf.json.
  • Item frames are now protected just like paintings, and they are both now protected from explosions. (by Tahkeh)
  • Clarified "CraftBukkit is too old" error message to indicate problem is due to required GSON lib not being found in needed location.
  • Fix for economy check that made sure player/faction could afford specific commands not working correctly. (by spaceemotion)
  • Fix for slashless commands triggering sync errors in CraftBukkit on rare occasions due to being run async.

Known caveats

Beta release. Should be pretty stable, but there are undocumented features and changes from 1.6 branch as well as removed features.


Uploaded on
Nov 08, 2012
Game version
  • CB 1.4.2-R0.2
  • CB 1.4.2-R0.1
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