1.7.7 beta

Change log

NOTE: this is a beta release of our 1.7 development branch. Not a stable production release, a beta. There is almost no documentation yet for the many changes included beyond those in the change logs for this and previous 1.7 alpha releases. A few features from the 1.6 branch have been removed and may not be returning. You additionally will not be able to safely downgrade from a 1.7 release back to a 1.6 release. Based on these reasons, this release is not recommended for regular users who haven't already tested out this build. That said, since the 1.6 branch is almost ready to be retired, we would like some people further testing this build to catch any remaining problems before making a 1.7 stable release.

NOTE 2: this is a minor re-release of 1.7.7 with no major changes. The only change is some additional idiot-proofing code to detect and inform if you try to run this on an older incompatible CraftBukkit version. This re-release has been made to stem the flood of invalid error reports people have made due to this issue.

Updates specific to the 1.7 branch:

  • Fix for factionless players being unable to hurt each other (were considered same faction)
  • Fix for factionless players taking reduced damage in Wilderness (was being treated as their faction territory by damage reduction routine)
  • Reworked Herochat integration, with many new settings (by Olof Larsson)

New conf.json settings:
"herochatFactionName": "Faction",
"herochatFactionNick": "F",
"herochatFactionFormat": "{color}[&l{nick}&r{color} &l{faction_roleprefix}&r{color}{faction_title_pr}{sender}{color}] &f{msg}",
"herochatFactionColor": "GREEN",
"herochatFactionDistance": 0,
"herochatFactionIsShortcutAllowed": false,
"herochatFactionCrossWorld": true,
"herochatFactionMuted": false,
"herochatFactionWorlds": [],
"herochatAlliesName": "Allies",
"herochatAlliesNick": "A",
"herochatAlliesFormat": "{color}[&l{nick}&r&f {faction_relcolor}&l{faction_roleprefix}&r{faction_relcolor}{faction_tag_pr}{sender}{color}] &f{msg}",
"herochatAlliesColor": "DARK_PURPLE",
"herochatAlliesDistance": 0,
"herochatAlliesIsShortcutAllowed": false,
"herochatAlliesCrossWorld": true,
"herochatAlliesMuted": false,
"herochatAlliesWorlds": [],
"herochatAllyName": "Allies",

Combined changes from 1.6 branch:

  • Update to work with CraftBukkit 1.3.2-R0.1 and above, as they've renamed their bundled GSON packages
  • Server startup should be vastly quicker on large servers (ex. 1 second vs. 95 seconds) due to a rewrite of our file I/O routines (by Olof Larsson)

Known caveats

BETA release, not yet a stable release.


Uploaded on
Sep 05, 2012
Game version
  • CB 1.3.2-R1.0
  • CB 1.3.2-R0.2
  • CB 1.3.2-R0.1
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