1.7.2 alpha

Change log

NOTE: this is an alpha release of our 1.7 development branch. Several features from the 1.6 branch have been removed temporarily, so this release is definitely not recommended for normal users.

1.7.2 specific updates:

  • CAPI integration updated for latest version (by Olof Larsson)

Combined changes from 1.6.5:

  • IMPORTANT: huge radius claim attempts could overload the server. This is now fixed.
  • Added a "claimedLandsMax" option (default 0, no limit), which prevents normal factions from being able to claim more land once they've reached this limit. (by first4ever, thanks)
  • Workaround fix for EssentialsChat integration not working on Essentials 2.8+. "chatTagReplaceString" setting now defaults to "[FACTION]" instead of "{FACTION}" since Essentials now converts curly-braces to square-braces for any tags in their chat format setting which they don't recognize. For those using Essentials 2.8.x, this is now updated automatically.
  • Added TNT placement exploit workaround fix back; they finally fixed the exploit in CraftBukkit 1.1-RC1, but broke it again in 1.1-RC3. :(
  • Warning given for UnknownFormatConversionException chat exception is cleaned up, and the "quick dirty fix" of setting chatTagInsertIndex to 0 is automatically applied.
  • Removed direct Permissions and PermissionsEx plugin support. Problems with PermissionsEx integration had been reported. Now permissions are solely handled directly through Bukkit's built-in "superperms" permission system, since all modern permission plugins should be interfacing through that at this point.
  • Zero-value economy gains/losses are now skipped over ("X gained 0.0 for claiming this land" and similar was a bit odd).
  • WorldGuard integration is now disabled, since it has been broken for quite some time now and nobody who used it has been interested enough to actually fix it. The code is left in though, just in case somebody finally decides to fix it. We'll probably strip the code out eventually if it remains unfixed.
  • Preemptive EssentialsChat 3.x support, since they'll be removing the old local chat integration method.

New conf.json setting:
"claimedLandsMax": 0, - if changed from 0, prevents normal factions from being able to claim more land once they've reached this limit

Known caveats

Alpha release, not for normal use.


Uploaded on
Feb 03, 2012
Game version
  • CB 1.1-R3
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