1.6.4 (JAR only)

Change log

  • New command /f powerboost <p|f|player|faction> <name> <#>, which will apply a permanent power bonus/penalty to a specified player or faction. When applied to a player, it will affect their max power and min power. When applied to a faction, it will be applied to current and max power levels. Whether it is a bonus or a penalty depends on whether the number you specify is positive or negative. Any power bonus/penalty is displayed in /f power and /f who output. New permission factions.powerboost which is required to use the command. This permission is added to the factions.kit.mod permission kit. (feature added thanks to a donation from Kain888)

example usage of new command:
/f powerboost p Player1 1.5 (give player "Player1" a bonus of 1.5 power)
/f powerboost f SomeFaction -6 (give faction "SomeFaction" a penalty of -6 power)
/f powerboost player Joe 0 (set player "Joe" back to no power bonus)

  • Players no longer regain power while dead; you can no longer simply stay dead and delay your respawn in order to regain power.
  • Added CaptureThePoints, CombatTag, and AuthDB to our softdepend list so they can potentially catch and cancel Factions commands.
  • Updated our event handlers to use the newer Bukkit event system.
  • Fix for error when deleting a faction if Vault wasn't present.
  • Fix for slashless Factions commands not working for player in faction chat or alliance chat modes.
  • Fixed NPE in LWC features (by patrickfreed, thanks)
  • Fix for a potential NPE in FPlayer autoLeaveOnInactivityRoutine.
  • Fix for users who have Vault but don't use economy getting an NPE.
  • Workaround fix for half-step placement on existing half-steps not being prevented; it's caused by a CraftBukkit bug: https://bukkit.atlassian.net/browse/BUKKIT-646
  • Removed our TNT exploit handling code, since they did finally fix the bug in the CraftBukkit 1.1-RC1 release.

New command:
/f powerboost <p|f|player|faction> <name> <#> - apply permanent power bonus/penalty to specified player or faction. Requires factions.powerboost permission.

New permission:
factions.powerboost - allows use of the /f powerboost command; granted by default to factions.kit.mod permission kit and above


Uploaded on
Jan 30, 2012
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  • CB 1.1-R3
  • CB 1.1-R2
  • CB 1.1-R1
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