1.6.2 (ZIP)

Change log

For servers updating from older versions of Factions, you should use these commands to update your configuration to cover crop trampling:
f config territoryProtectedMaterials SOIL
f config territoryProtectedMaterialsWhenOffline SOIL

  • When Faction descriptions are being set, they no longer display in purple like server messages
  • Faction descriptions are no longer parsed for color tags
  • Wilderness, SafeZone, and WarZone can no longer be disbanded using /f disband
  • Fix for disabled "bankEnabled" setting being ignored in some cases
  • Fix for rare SpoutPlayer exception when player logs off while spout features related to them are updating
  • Added Blaze, EnderDragon, and MagmaCube to safeZoneNerfedCreatureTypes list
  • fix for Spout faction labels not updating for players who have /f map on
  • fix for Spout's questionable new "no default height" warning for variable-sized text labels
  • workarounds for a couple of economy integration problems
  • Added jukebox, brewing stand, enchantment table, and cauldron to default territoryProtectedMaterials and territoryProtectedMaterialsWhenOffline settings
  • New conf.json setting "removePlayerDataWhenBanned" (default true), which can be disabled to prevent Factions from deleting player data for players when they are banned from the server
  • New conf.json setting "powerPlayerStarting" (default 0.0) for the power level which new players will now start at; previously new players would start with max power, now it's configurable
  • When a faction admin is kicked from his faction for whatever reason (not logging in for too long, a server admin running the /f kick command on him, the player being banned from server), another player will now be promoted to faction admin in his place. If the faction has at least one moderator, one of them will be chosen. Otherwise, a normal member will be promoted. If the faction admin was the last/only member, the faction will of course be disbanded.
  • Added soil to the default "territoryProtectedMaterials" and "territoryProtectedMaterialsWhenOffline" settings, so people who aren't in your faction won't be able to trample crops in your territory (soil trampling is handled as an Interact event, for whatever reason)

New options in conf.json:
"removePlayerDataWhenBanned": true, - can be changed to false to prevent Factions from deleting player data for players when they are banned from the server
"powerPlayerStarting": 0.0, - power level which new players will start at


Uploaded on
Dec 18, 2011
Game version
  • CB 1.0.1-R1
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