1.5.1 (ZIP)

Change log

Bugfix release.

  • Fix for "territoryEnemyProtectMaterials" and "territoryAllyProtectMaterials" not working correctly, and wrong protection message being sent to neutral players. Re-jiggered the related code a bit which handles such things based on enemy/ally/member/neutral status.

From 1.5.0:

  • Four new conf.json settings to prevent Endermen from removing or placing blocks in certain areas. "territoryDenyEndermanBlocks" (default true) for claimed territory. "safeZoneDenyEndermanBlocks" (default true) for Safe Zones. "warZoneDenyEndermanBlocks" (default true) for War Zones. "wildernessDenyEndermanBlocks" (default false) for unclaimed wilderness areas.
  • Support for iConomy 6 and other economy plugins added through Register support (with new conf.json setting "econRegisterEnabled", defaults to false); you will however need to have the Register plugin on your server: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/register.16849/
  • Players now lose power over time while they are offline. New conf.json setting "powerOfflineLossPerDay" (default 1.0) is how much power they lose; note that this power loss actually occurs frequently in very tiny amounts as time passes, not just once per day. New conf.json setting "powerOfflineLossLimit" (default 0.0) which will stop offline power loss once a player's power drops to the specified amount.

    As an example, the default 1.0 power loss per day offline is roughly 0.0417 power loss per hour, 0.00695 per minute, and so forth.
  • When players enable/disable admin bypass mode (/f bypass), it is now logged to the server console/log.
  • Fix for players being able to hurt members of their own faction while in their own land if the "enablePVPAgainstFactionlessInAttackersLand" option is enabled.
  • Added some quick and dirty fix notes for people who get a specific chat formatting error.

New options in conf.json:
"powerOfflineLossPerDay": 1.0, - players will lose this much power per day offline
"powerOfflineLossLimit": 0.0, - players will no longer lose power from being offline once their power drops to this amount or less
"territoryDenyEndermanBlocks": true, - if enabled, endermen will be unable to place/remove blocks in faction-claimed territory
"safeZoneDenyEndermanBlocks": true, - as above, but for Safe Zones
"warZoneDenyEndermanBlocks": true, - as above, but for War Zones
"wildernessDenyEndermanBlocks": false, - as above, but for unclaimed wilderness areas


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Sep 22, 2011
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