Pet usage

How to use your pet

To ride your pet you right click it. While riding your pet you can left click on the ground up to a range of 20 block's and your pet will teleport there!

In the new update you can get your pet to follow you

To get your pet to follow you you LEFT click it. To stop it following you you click it again.

Feeding your pet

This is not compulsory but if you feed it either type of golden apple then you will fully heal it. If you feed it normal apples then it will become a baby! Right click it again and it will become an adult again.

If you right click your pet with a sword/armour then it will automatically equip it! Shift right clicking it will open its inventory.

Pet Inventory Help

First slot: Helmet
Second slot: Chest-plate
Third slot: Leggings
Forth slot: Boots
Fifth slot: Item in hand
All the other slot's are the pet's inventory.

If you right click a mob that is not your pet then your pet(s) will teleport to you and attack it (also works on players)!


Date created
Feb 09, 2013
Last updated
Feb 10, 2013