EnchantmentAPI v4.13

Change log

v4.13 - 7/23/13
  • Fixed anvils deducting twice the amount of displayed experience levels
  • Fixed anvils deleting items if the player tries to combine items with between 1 and 2 times the required exp
v4.12 - 7/23/13
  • Fixed enchanting costs for repairing enchanted items
  • Fixed combining books not working
  • Fixed combining the same enchantment on enchanted books not raising it to the next level
v4.11 - 7/15/13
  • Added the EnchantmentAPI.enchant.vanilla permission
v4.10 - 7/11/13
  • Added permissions for enchantments
v4.9 - 7/9/13
  • Updated for bukkit version 1.6.2
v4.8 - 7/2/13
  • Fixed randomly generated names wanting their names changed by default
v4.7 - 7/2/13
  • Fixed a NPE with dispensers
v4.6 - 6/28/13
  • Added the option to disable enchantments from the table
  • Changed the base/interval values of several enchantments
  • Changed the formula for determining enchantment level
v4.5 - 6/27/13
  • Fixed weights applying correctly on subsequent enchants
  • Improved the efficiency on statistic commands slightly
v4.4 - 6/26/13
  • Fixed placeholders dropping when the table is broken
v4.3 - 6/25/13
  • Added displaying any custom names on placeholders
  • Improved the efficiency of statistics commands by a lot (anywhere from 5 to 15 times faster)
  • Changed a few numbers for enchanting
  • Fixed losing items when they were too low of a level to receive any enchantments
v4.2 - 6/24/13
  • Added permissions for using the custom table and for random name generation
  • Added the ability to change the max level of any enchantment (even vanilla ones)
  • Added the ability to change the difficulty of getting higher levels of enchantments
  • Added suffix groups for vanilla enchantments
  • Added statistics commands (stats and graph)
  • Added three new values to enchantments (max level, base, and interval)
  • Changed the enchanting mechanics to mimic vanilla more closely
  • Removed the getEnchantmentLevel method
v4.1 - 6/23/13
  • Added complete anvil integration
  • Added suffix groups to enchantments
  • Changed name generation to reflect enchanting results
v4.0 - 6/22/13
  • Added a temporary anvil fix
  • Added the option to generate random names on enchant
  • Added enchantment descriptions
  • Added the /enchantapi book command
  • Added enchantment conflict groups
  • Added a ProjectileLaunchEvent effect for enchantments
  • Added an optional page parameter for the list command to see descriptions
  • Added vanilla enchantment support for adding enchants (uses actual names)
  • Fixed enchantment table duplications
  • Fixed enchanting algorithms to be more realistic
  • Fixed vanilla enchants to give the correct tiers
v3.1 - 6/14/13
  • Added the getAllEnchantments(ItemStack) helper method
  • Fixed multiple people enchanting at the same time
v3.0 - 6/14/13
  • Added enchantment table support for all items (woo!)
  • Fixed the /reloadenchants command
v2.8 - 6/13/13
  • Added the /reloadenchants command
  • Fixed adding enchantments to items without ItemMeta
  • Fixed enchantments applying when damaging yourself
v2.7 - 6/11/13
  • Fixed items saving to the config properly
v2.6 - 6/11/13
  • Added configurable options for enchantments (enable, weight, items)
  • Added the /addenchant command
  • Cleaned up the code
v2.5 - 6/8/13
  • (Hopefully) Fixed equip/unequip detection when other players access your inventory
v2.4 - 6/7/13
  • Fixed enchanting books
v2.3 - 6/6/13
  • Fixed item names after enchanting
v2.2 - 6/6/13
  • Added blue names for items enchanted with only custom enchantments
  • Added the PlayerInteractEntityEvent method for enchantments applyEntityEffect(Player, int, PlayerInteractEntityEvent)
  • Fixed a NPE when checking items without set items to enchant to
  • Fixed freezing when trying to apply too many enchantments at high levels
  • Fixed creative mode unable to enchant without experience
  • Fixed detecting damage by projectiles (such as shooting something with a bow)
v2.1 - 6/5/13
  • Removed a debugging output (I have got to stop leaving those in)
  • Changed default output of getEnchantmentLevel to 1 from 0
v2.0 - 6/5/13
  • Changed the enchantment table integration to blend in with vanilla enchanting
  • You can no longer enchant an item with custom enchantments on it (through an enchanting table)
  • The getEnchantmentLevel method now is only called for successful enchants
  • A second constructor was added for enchantments to specify the enchantment weight (chance of getting chosen)
  • Vanilla enchantments will have slightly different chances due to the new heuristics used for enchanting
v1.8 - 6/4/13
  • Changed Java build path to Java 6 from Java 7
v1.7 - 6/3/13
  • Added an itemHasEnchantment(ItemStack item, String enchantName) helper method
  • Changed getEnchantments(ItemStack item) to return a map of the enchantments and their levels
  • Fixed many aspects of equip and unequip effects (problems with creative inventory, chests, and items breaking)
v1.6 - 6/2/13
  • Added a way to unregister enchantments
  • Fixed recognizing enchantments already registered
v1.5 - 6/2/13
  • Added Equip/Unequip effects
  • Added a way to get the enchantments of an item
  • Added a way to remove enchantments
  • Fixed overwriting the same enchantment that has a lower level
v1.4 - 6/2/13
  • Added Miscellaneous Enchantment Effects
  • Added an enchantment level parameter to tool enchantments
  • Cleaned up the code
v1.3 - 6/1/13
  • Added Armor Enchantment Effects
  • Added Tool Enchantment Effects
  • Changed the applyEffect method parameters for more control
v1.2 - 5/31/13
  • Removed yet another debugging output that was accidentally left in
v1.1 - 5/31/13
  • Removed a debugging output that was accidentally left in
v1.0 - 5/31/13
  • Plugin released


Uploaded on
Jul 23, 2013
Game version
  • 1.6.2
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