Hi everyone,

This is my very first plugin for Bukkit. It was made because all the other drug mods were either outdated, too lame or non-functioning. So instead of giving up, I used a few hours to learn Bukkit and made this in a day or two. I'm very satisfied with the end result.


I, the creator of this plugin, do not endorse nor condone the use/sale of illegal substances for medical purposes nor recreational use.

How it works (for you)

  • Basically, you find or grow your drug of choice, hold it in your hand and right click to enjoy. A thing that's perhaps a tad counter-intuitive is the fact that you take the entire stack of drugs you're holding. The more drugs you hold, the higher you get - and it even lasts longer!
  • Alternativelly, use this command: /stim <player> <drug> <strength> (ex. /stim steveolay rovie 64)

List of drugs

  • Rovie (Sugar) - Addictive cheap-mans drug derived from sugar canes. Gives a short, euphoric high, making the user long for more...
  • Murk (Cactus Green) - The expensive drug derived from cacti. Provides very trippy effects if high enough amounts are ingested. Users report having absolutely no memory of what happened after 64 of these bad-boys.
  • Shrooms (Mushrooms) - Gives a great, trippy high if a correct batch has been located. If you find a bad batch, you'll throw your guts out - be careful.
  • Bathol (Akward Potion) - Gives a simple high - great for parties, although it may leave you blind if you're not careful!
  • Anti-trip Pill (Pink Dye) - If the trip has become too bad, just swallow one of these scary-looking pills and you're back to normal!
  • Anti-addictiveness Pill (Purple Dye) - These expensive, awful-tasting pills will remove your dependence on rovie. Be advised, you need to take a lot of them, if you're far out.


Download the plugin from the link in the right side, paste it into your plugin-folder and that's it! You're good to go!


BukkitPluginReviews (4,5 / 5 stars)

Thanks so much to foni646 (BukkitPluginReviews) for making this awesome review. Subscribe to them - they just started and are going to make a bunch of Bukkit Plugin Reviews.

Future Plans

  • Add more drugs. Ideas include "glowstone dust", "redstone dust" and "nether warts".
  • Ensure that the "high" isn't lost upon death.
  • Change the trigger for withdrawal-symptoms
  • Translate the plugin into as many languages as possible. (Will be released with v1.2.0)
  • Make a config file for the game (Will be released with v1.1.1)
  • Make commands for the plugin, making it compatible with Spout (Will be released with v1.1.0)

Known Bugs

  • Drinking bathol doesn't remove the potion from your inventory. Thanks to BukkitPluginReviews for discovering this.
  • When right-clicking on a block with a drug in creative mode, it says you can't do drugs in creative mode. Thanks to Dawg_Says for discovering this.
  • An error is shown on startup in v1.1.1. Thanks to etaxi341 and Swivlehendie for discovering this.
  • Anti-trip pills do not remove the effect Strength. Thanks to BukkitPluginReviews for discovering this.


  • Programming: Steveolay
  • SLAPI API: Tomsik68
  • Additional Assistance: Moopfoop
  • Beta Testing: starcreew246, moopfoop
  • Additional Ideas: HavenOfKairos, dunem666

Wanna help?

First of all, I'm not asking for money - I would never use a plugin as an excuse to make money, I do this for fun only. Here's what you can do to help, though:


v1.2.0 (31st May, 2012) - Awaiting Approval

  • Added Danish as a language (changeable from the config file)
  • (hopefully) Fixed the error where it crashes upon startup due to FileNotFoundException.
  • Not usable before next update: Added a new command; /cleareffects that clears all potion effects from the player, same as pink dye.

v1.1.1 (28th May, 2012)

  • Added a config file at last. It is now possible to rename all the drugs and specify how quickly you get addicted/cured using rovie and anti-addiction pills.
  • Fixed the bug where Strength wasn't removed upon using anti-trip pills.

v1.1.0 (27th May, 2012)

  • Updated to CB 1.2.5-R3.0 (mistakenly said so in last update)
  • Enabled the use of commands (example: "/stim steveolay rovie 64" and "/clearaddiction"), thus making it compatible with Spout.
  • Permissions for use of aforementioned commands.

v1.0.6 (27th May, 2012)

  • Fixed an error where rovie wasn't removed from your inventory when used.

v1.0.5 (20th May, 2012)

  • Initial Release