Drug Dealer

Drug Dealer V.3.0

Change log

Version 3.0

  • Complete recode, again -- plugin is much smaller and more efficient
  • Completely redesigned how the plugin works: removed most commands, added complex new custom-drug system
  • Custom drugs are completely customizable, you now can create in infinite number of your own personalized drugs for your enjoyment
  • Consequently re-designed permissions
  • Also consequently removed the bath salt feature, specifically the bath-detection mechanic -- may be re-added later if people express desire for it
  • Open to any suggestions about drug aspects to add to the custom-drug feature

Version 2.0.1

  • Re-added plugin metrics, left out by accident during the recode.

I'd very much appreciate everybody updating to this version so that I can get an accurate count of how many people are using Drug Dealer, and hopefully enjoying the 30+ hours of work I put into recoding this. Regardless, I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Version 2.0

  • Complete recode and updated for 1.4.7!
  • Added the powerful new bath salt drug, please see the usage page for more info
  • Added the ability to have multiple items give an effect, and for those items to have data values
  • Added the customization of most messages that are sent to players from commands and actions, supports color code formatting and line splitting
  • Added a toggle option to require sneaking for drug consuming
  • Re-formatted the configuration file, please see the configuration page for more info - This means you must delete your old config file to use the new features
  • Added new permission to provide immunity from other people drugging you, not given by default
  • Retired the old /drugdealer set commands and reformatted the /drugdealer get commands to support multiple items and item data values
  • - Removed Herobrine

Version 1.2

  • Added plugin metrics
  • Added /druglord command & permission
  • Added /steroidparty commad & permission
  • Added drug item-consumption features & permissions, complete with sound effects
  • Added steroid item-consumption features & permissions, complete with sound effects
  • Added config file
  • Made command and item effect times configurable through the config
  • Added commands to change the drug/steroid item in-game & their permissions
  • Added commands to see the current drug/steroid item in-game & their permissions
  • General optimization of code (slightly)
  • - Removed Herobrine

Known caveats


  • Old config file must be deleted to allow the new one to generate


Uploaded on
Jun 11, 2013
Game version
  • CB 1.6.2-R0.1
15.2 KiB