For those people who are interested what the version number means, e.g


  • x = Major Version = Major new stuff or internal rework
  • y = Minor Version = Minor new stuff and bug fixes
  • z = Devevlopment Build Version = see below
  • rb = Recommended Build of Craftbukkit

When a new recommend build of craftbukkit comes out you should see 2 different versions out, e.g and which should both have the same features but are compiled against different versions. So you can stay on the older RB as long as required with the old features or directly move forward to the new RB without fear.

Ofcourse it is always possible that an older plugin will still keep working on a newer version of cb or vice versa, but at least you can be sure that this build is correctly supported.

Development Build

Every time I do a commit to github I also try to upload a hopefully working version of the plugin in /Resources/(Directory with highest version number).

If you are adventoures feel free to help me bugtest the new version or try new stuff out.

Please give feedback either directly via github or via Tickets and also tell me the FULL version of the plugin.

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Date created
Jan 05, 2012
Last updated
Jan 05, 2012