A tomb is just a sign representing the "TombStone" covers 3 things :

  • the name of the player
  • the number of times he died
  • and what was the last cause.


  • Tomb are automatically named (look in section How to set a Tomb).
  • Only admin can create a tomb for an another user (using Permissions)
  • Tomb are automatically updated when you die
  • You can set more than 1 tomb
  • Only admin and owner of the tomb can destroy the tomb
  • Tomb are persistent upon server restart
  • You can set the tomb to be your respawn point (can be disabled in the config)
  • all Economy with Vault
  • SuperPerms support

How to set a Tomb

1) Create a new Sign with first line [Tomb] (default configuration) (if you are an admin, you can set the second line to the player name)
2) Automatically the sign will take your name (if you didn't specify it)
3) And when you die ... MAGIC

Language Support

At the moment you can still adapt the german and french file you can find here, but keep in mind that those files need to transfered into the new format and are missing the new mobs!

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Date created
Nov 28, 2011
Last updated
Nov 28, 2011