Below is the default main configuration file (with deleted lines for the death messages to make it shorter). Since version 3.0 you have 3 files for configuration.

You can enable autoupdating of the configuration files, which will always keep your config current but will also keep your settings!. The only thing overwritten will be any remarks you did!

Please note that the plugin will compare the internal plugin version number with a file on github to check if there is a new version available checkForUpdate: true (may cause lag during checking which is only during loading of the plugin) and it will also compare the internal config / deathmessage / tombmessage version with the version number in the file to see if those files changed in a newer build.

I also implemented one checkIn feature which will use a "ping" via to give me SOME statistics about the usage of my plugins. If you don't like this you will need to disable the checkForUpdate Feature.

The tombStoneSign configuration is valid for TombStones and DeathSigns, the allowWorldTravel configuration is valid for /deathtp and the tomb respawn feature!

If you have some witty lines for the death and tomb messages post them here or send me a PM!

# DeathTpPlus by Don Redhorse and mung3r
# Configuration File for DeathTpPlus.
# For detailed assistance please visit:

#------- Default Configuration

# Configuration Version
configVer: "3.4"

# Informational Log Enabled
# Enable logging to server console
# Gives out some more informational messages.
informationLogEnabled: false

# Debug Log Enabled
# Enable more logging.. could be messy!
DebugLogEnabled: true

# Check for Update
# Will check if there is a new version of the plugin out.
# Please note: This will also track usage of reloads, config creation and updates of this version of the plugin via
# Please disable this feature if you don't like this!
checkForUpdate: true

# Auto Update Config
# This will overwrite any changes outside the configuration parameters!
autoUpdateConfig: true

# Save Config
# This will overwrite any changes outside the configuration parameters!
# Only needed if you use ingame commands to change the configuration.
saveConfig: false

#-------- Plugin Configuration

#--------- Default Config Variables start here!

# Flag for CraftIrc 
ircDeathTpTag: 'all'

# Date Format (For formatting, see 
dateFormat: 'MM/dd/yyyy'

# Time Format (For formatting, see 
timeFormat: 'hh:mm a'

# Enable Lockette Support
enableLockette: true

# Enable LWC Support
enableLWC: false

# Set LWC Protection to public instead of removing it
lwcPublic: false

# Allow World Travel: yes, no, permissions
allowWorldTravel: 'no'

# Each line may be one of any custom text OR:
# {name} for player name
# {date} for day of death
# {time} for time of death (server time)
# {reason} for cause of death
   Line1: "{name}"
   Line2: "RIP"
   Line3: "{date}"
   Line4: "{time}"

# Should we only use air to create signs and chests.
# WARNING: This can mean that NO DeathSigns or TombStones are created.
#          Use at your own risk!
shouldOnlyUseAirToCreate: false

# Integrate into DynMap
integrateIntoDynmap: true

#--------- DeathTp Features

# Enable DeathTp Features
enableDeathtp: true

# Show the death messages on the server
showDeathNotify: true

# Disable the death messages on specific worlds
disableDeathNotifyInSpecifiedWorlds: false

# Worlds on which death messages are disabled
    - "none"

# Show DeathMessages on console
showDeathNotifyOnConsole: true

# Show DeathMessages only in Death World
showDeathNotifyInDeathWorldOnly: false

# Allow players to access the deathtp command (Override permissions)
allowDeathtp: false

# Log the deaths to file
allowDeathLog: true

# Show kill, death streaks and multi kill messages
showStreaks: true

# Window of time (in milliseconds) to count kills towards a multikill
multiKillTimeWindow: "5000"

# Item ID of the item you must have in your hand to teleport. Will remove 1 of these when the command is given. Leave 0 for free teleports 
chargeItem: "0"

# Show Deathsign (aka Tombstone Signs) upon death
showDeathSign: true

# Economy costs for deathtp command, leave 0 if you don't want to charge
deathtpCost: "10"

# Use DisplayName for Broadcast Messages
# Note: Depending on the characters you are using in the names this can cause NPE's!
useDisplayNameforBroadcasts: false

# Use the old teleport to highest block or the new save location feature.
# Note: Save location feature will display the location of the death if it doesn't find a save spot
# and not teleport the player in this case.
teleportToHighestBlock: true

#--------- TombStone Features (General)

# Enable TombStone Feature
enableTombStone: true

# Place a Sign on the TombStone
showTombStoneSign: true

#  Prevent non-Op players from destroying TombStones if true (destroyQuickLoot overrides)
allowTombStoneDestroy: false

# Show status messages to the player
showTombStoneStatusMessage: true

# Save TombStone Listing between server reloads
saveTombStoneList: true

# Stop TombStone creation next to existing chests if true (IF set to true it could allow users to circumvent chest protection.)
allowInterfere: false

# We normally check to make sure we aren't trying to create a chest in the void.
# If you handle or modify the void with another plugin, you can disable that check here.
# This option should be true for most servers.
voidCheck: true

# If you are not locking your chests with Lockette or LWC but still want them to be
# protected against Creeper explosions, or you want your chests to be protected even
# after they are unlocked, enable this
creeperProtection: false

# Keep experience when quicklooting (Default is dropped / partial experience, see below)
keepExperienceOnQuickLoot: true

# Keep FULL experience instead of dropped.
keepFullExperience: true

#--------- TombStone features (Removal

# Destroy Tombstone on player quickloot
destroyOnQuickLoot: true

# Remove TombStone after RemoveTime
removeTombStone: true

# Remove the Tombstone after x Seconds if removeTombStone is true
removeTombStoneTime: "3600"

# Immediately remove TombStone once it is empty, overriding all other timeout options
removeTombStoneWhenEmpty: false

# Never remove a TombStone unless it is empty
keepTombStoneUntilEmpty: false

#--------- TombStone Features (Security

# Remove security after timeout
removeTombStoneSecurity: false

# Timeout for Security Removal in seconds
removeTombStoneSecurityTimeOut: "3600"

#--------- Tomb Features

# Enable the Tomb feature
enableTomb: true

# Price for createing a Tomb
tombCost: "10"

# Amount of Tombs a player can have
maxTomb: 1

# Use the Tomb as a respawn point
useTombAsRespawnPoint: false

# Keyword used to detect a Tomb
tombKeyWord: "[Tomb]"

# Number of death before destruction of every tomb of the player
# without resetting the counter. If set to 2, every 2 deaths, the tombs are destroyed. (Sign is dropped) 0: = Disabled
maxDeaths: 0

# When a Tomb is destroyed, the respawn point is reset.
resetTombRespawn: false

# When a Tomb right clicked the player is teleported to his deathlocation.
# Please Note: This only works if DeathTP is also enabled.
allowTombAsTeleport: true

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