CustomGuns allows for - yep, you guessed it - custom guns! With an easily editable config file you can customize your guns to any item, any ammo, any power and much more! Guns will fire arrows where you aim, and if the recoil is a value greater than 0, will send you backwards! An example gun with comments is included in the default configuration. Controls are left-click to fire, right-click to zoom.


  • Fully customizable
  • Optional recoil
  • Right click zoom
  • Unlimited guns
  • Use items as ammo
  • Use items as guns
  • Zoom time limit


The only command at the minute is /cg or /customguns. Reload can be added as an argument (e.g /cg reload) to reload the configuration file. You must be OP to reload the config. At the moment, there are no permissions for /cg (it only lists plugin name and command).


To configure the guns, open up the config file in /plugins/CustomGuns/config.yml - this will generate after the plugin is installed and the server is reloaded once. An example gun is included by default, feel free to comment this out by putting hashtags (#) at the start of the lines or just delete it. To make a gun, use the structure of the example gun and call the gun what you want. All of the options for guns are explained at the top of the config prefixed with hashtags to tell the plugin they are comments. Do not remove the hashtags or the plugin will not work. The file is in YAML (Yet Another Markup Language) format and tabs do not work - use spaces instead.
The default config is below;

# YouGotSniped Help
# To add a gun, add an entry like the example under "guns".
# - Unlimited: Does the gun have unlimited ammo? (true/false)
# - Recoil: How much recoil? (number)
# - Power: How powerful is the arrow? (number)
# - Item: Item ID of the gun. (number)
# - Zoom: How much does the gun zoom? (number)
# - ZoomDuration: How long can the gun be zoomed for? (number)
# - Reload: The time in seconds that it takes to reload (number).
# - Ammo: Item ID of ammo to be used.
    unlimited: false
    recoil: 5
    power: 3
    item: 284
    zoom: 1.5
    zoomduration: 3
    reload: 1
    ammo: 289


Download Note - download link will not work until file is accepted.

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  • Avatar of SmiteMC SmiteMC Nov 08, 2013 at 12:04 UTC - 0 likes

    What do we have to put on example??? is it the block id or something???

  • Avatar of Moneyboybro Moneyboybro Nov 04, 2013 at 13:02 UTC - 0 likes

    Does Custom Guns Work With Call Of Minecraft : Zombies ?


    Want a plugin review?
    PM me!
    Channel: UnitPixel

  • Avatar of AssaultBird2454 AssaultBird2454 Oct 18, 2013 at 06:00 UTC - 0 likes

    For the people needing help with the plugin config like the creating of a gun and it wont work here are some steps on how to fix that

    1) Download & Install notepad++
    2) open up the config
    Note: the config is a "yml" file the file type does not supprt tabs it can only be space
    3) wheir it says the gun name deleate all of the spaces then do the spaces till you see a + or a - sign on the left do that for all the configs to but the configs like recoial must be done to further to the next light gray line

    If you are having problems still pm me and i will do it for you

  • Avatar of DrTonySpot DrTonySpot Sep 02, 2013 at 18:53 UTC - 0 likes

    I have a problem. So I got the plugin and the example gun worked so I went along and made a hole bunch of mine. They are all parsed correctly and they are set up just the same as the first one. Only some of the guns work. When I go into game and try them, some have breaks, and some only zoom, but don't shoot. I have the ammo in my inventory and everything. Help please. D:

  • Avatar of Homerharry Homerharry Aug 24, 2013 at 21:30 UTC - 0 likes

    Hmm I cant get it

  • Avatar of MrSwedenMinecraft MrSwedenMinecraft Jul 09, 2013 at 15:47 UTC - 0 likes

    Hello i have a problem it wont work for me in [1.6.1], My guns wont fire when i try to test them. is ther a problem in [1.6.1] or am i doing wrong?? xD (??Un updated plugin maby??)

  • Avatar of jefle jefle Jun 04, 2013 at 19:02 UTC - 3 likes

    Ever heard of crackshot?

    Owner of:

  • Avatar of E1i0te E1i0te May 27, 2013 at 19:22 UTC - 0 likes

    Can you make it so that it shoots snowballs?

  • Avatar of 1337minecrafer 1337minecrafer Mar 28, 2013 at 17:35 UTC - 1 like

    Please keep this plugin updated. I need it! Or, at least provide the source so we can update it.

  • Avatar of daldal11111 daldal11111 Mar 19, 2013 at 13:23 UTC - 0 likes

    Ok now the plugin isn't working at all


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