Custom Skulls

Supported Plugins

Custom Skulls supported plugins

On this page you could find more information about which plugins are supported by Custom Skulls and which aren't. You could also find out how to send a request if you want another plugin to be supported.

Supported permissions systems

Essentials Group ManagerSupported!
SimplyPermsSupported when Vault is installed
Permissions 3Supported!

Some plugins may say that it's only supported when Vault is installed. Vault is an external plugin which needs to be installed to support these Permissions systems. Vault doesn't do anything on it's own, it's just used by Custom Skulls to get these Permissions systems working. You can get Vault here.

Other plugins

There are currently no other supported plugins

Applying a plugin

If you want another plugin to be supported you could apply this plugin. Please send me a private message or create a message on the Overview page of Custom Skulls. Then I'll take a look at it to decide if the plugin is going to be supported or not.

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Date created
Oct 29, 2012
Last updated
Oct 29, 2012