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Capture the Record Rules:

See the rules here


  • Adding a new world to be used as the game world
  • Using a pre-existing world as the game world
  • Regenerating large areas of the world, so you can restart from scratch after a game
  • Prevents cross team chat during a game, except via a specific command
  • Prevents most command use except specific commands during games
  • Ignores actions performed in worlds other than the game world
  • Seperating users into two teams, gold and green
  • Set the respawn locations for the two teams, including a team chest where the appropriate colour record is automatically added
  • Respawns are team specific
  • Teleporting between the home and game world
  • Enforces all of the game rules listed above
  • Configurable, with more options being added
  • Permissions support
  • Create bedrock walled areas to build in (as in CTR 1 and CTR 2)
  • Put green/gold wool blocks on people's heads for team identification
  • Save backups of areas of worlds
  • Vote on whether or not to start a new game of CTR
  • Join teams with signs
  • Set a location to teleport people to when they join a team
  • Set actions to happen when a game finished (such as starting a new vote or restoring a backup)
  • Compasses can point to your team's spawn, the other team's spawn or behave normally (thanks to fatmarley for this idea)


List of Commands and Permissions

Config File:

Config File Help


Record a video demonstration (till then plenty of ctr games on youtube)
Thanks to godgodgodgo for their suggestion

  • lobby system

Thanks to Dakrul for their suggestion

  • Item rewards for winners

Other suggestions? Please feel free to suggest!


Version 0.93:

  • Updated to 1.2.5-R4 RB
  • Added a config option called chest under sea level, set it to true to allow chests underneath sea level (y=64)
  • Minor update bug fixes

Version 0.92:

  • Updated to 1.1-R3 RB
  • Fixed an issue with starting a game when wall protection was off

Version 0.91:

  • Updated to 1.0.1 RB
  • Added the ability to have compasses point to your spawn, the other team's spawn or just normally
  • Added the whoHasRecord (shortened version: whr, permission: command which tells you who on your team is holding the record
  • Fixed a major bedrock wall size bug (bedrock walls being the wrong size)
  • Made even length bedrock walls have a double centre wall (to keep equal size sides)
  • Fixed chest contents searching in bedrock wall mode (part of the wall size bug)
  • Minor bug fixes

Old Changelog

For the original (pre dev bukkit) changelog go here

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  • Avatar of awes5 awes5 Oct 07, 2013 at 07:54 UTC - 0 likes

    Can U Make It Have Multi Records Thing Like Have A C Record A B And A Or Somthing

  • Avatar of Mirosta Mirosta Jun 23, 2012 at 22:22 UTC - 0 likes

    @ARavinMadMonkey: Go

    Yeah in the next update, hopefully out in a couple of days, once I've tested it. You can backup the entire map, and once the game is over it will reload that backup.

  • Avatar of ARavinMadMonkey ARavinMadMonkey Jun 23, 2012 at 20:52 UTC - 0 likes

    Is there any way for you to/do you plan to make this like the Survival Games, where the maps automatically roll back and reset? Or is that already part of it?

  • Avatar of Mirosta Mirosta Jun 17, 2012 at 18:00 UTC - 0 likes

    @TheFluffey: Go

    1) You can enable coloured wool heads with wool helmet: true in the config file. I've just had a play around with coloured tab list names and it works with a small fix, so I might upload that version in a little bit. Unfortunately changing the player's name plates is very difficult without spoutcraft.

    2) Changing the vote seconds config option changes how long the vote period between games lasts.

    3) Kills, deaths and K/D is tracked for one game and at the end of the game it is displayed along with the top few players on each team. I also believe it is shown when you die or get a kill, I will add a command to allow you to manually read it. I don't know about web statistics, I guess I could keep a running total and save it to a file or something, you'd have to read the file with some server side scripting but it wouldn't be awful to do.

    4) Once you've joined a team, (use /jointeam to join the team with least number of players) if enough people vote for a new game of CTR it will automatically start. Once it has finished another vote starts, and the backup gets restored, again if enough people vote then another game starts. No one is forced out of their team between games, although I may add a finished option to remove disconnected players from the teams.

    Last edited Jun 19, 2012 by Mirosta
  • Avatar of TheFluffey TheFluffey Jun 17, 2012 at 01:20 UTC - 0 likes

    @Mirosta: Go

    I am pretty tech savy, so I can figure it out. I do have a couple of questions, however.

    1. Does this plugin give players the colored wool heads and colored name plates? Also, it would be cool if the tabslist was colored to their team color, and players not playing would be white colored.

    2. Is there an in-between game period of like 30 seconds?

    3. Leaderboards support? Something like /score? 1 kill = 1 point? Web statistics too?

    4. If players are cued to play, lets say /green or /gold or /random, they should stay in the cue and automatically be put into every game thereonafter, until they use the /leave command to cancel their choice.

  • Avatar of Mirosta Mirosta Jun 17, 2012 at 00:26 UTC - 0 likes

    @TheFluffey: Go Only one game at a time but with the correct settings, yes, I hope to improve the automation soon, when I first coded it there were a few limitations with Bukkit, which made it quite hard to do.

    To automate it you need to add a new world or set the original world as the game world, you need to set where the two spawns are with /greenspawn and /goldspawn, add in the bedrock wall if you want it and then make a largish backup for the world with /worldbackup BackupNameHere then setup the config file with the Continuous Mode options set to enabled: True, finished options: Vote, ReloadBackup BackupNameHere

    If you need more details I can produce a written tutorial on this site

  • Avatar of TheFluffey TheFluffey Jun 16, 2012 at 23:09 UTC - 0 likes

    @Mirosta: Go

    Is this plugin completely automated?

  • Avatar of Mirosta Mirosta Jun 16, 2012 at 20:29 UTC - 0 likes

    @joasterkid: Go

    Just about to start now, sorry I've had exams

  • Avatar of joasterkid joasterkid May 23, 2012 at 15:32 UTC - 0 likes

    Is this plugin going to be updated to 1.2.5 anytime soon? Thanks :)

  • Avatar of Mirosta Mirosta Apr 14, 2012 at 14:51 UTC - 0 likes

    @gummby8: Go

    The chest above sea level thing is to stop people from hiding the chest far underground, but I will add some config options when I update to the latest Bukkit RB.


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