46 - IP Authentication

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Log in game users IP addresses.
Have a setting the enable IP Authentication
If enabled craftirc will filter out any messages coming from irc channel that are not in the in game log.
if a player who is in the log sends a message from irc it will attach the last know username associated with their IRC IP from the log.
The minecraft username will then be attached to the message when it is sent to minecraft

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I would like to replace dynmap chat with an irc based system. Currently dynmap is able to resolve the username based on IP. This is a neccesity to us prevent abuse. It doesn't need to be perfect but at least something to give us a general idea who is actually speaking over IRC and hold them accountable.

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    Migrating to github for tickets. Gaming Community - Over a decade of fun!

    Four Minecraft servers, four TF2 servers, CSS and Garry's Mod.

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    Sounds like a fun idea. I'll add it to the to-do list for 4.0



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