CommunityBridge V2.5.2 (build #519)

Change log

As of this release, CommunityBridge now requires specific versions of whichever permissions plugin you are using:

  • bPermissions: 2.9 or later.
  • GroupManager: 2.1.6 or later.
  • PermissionsBukkit: 2.3 or later
  • PermissionsEx: 1.21.4 or later.
  • Vault: 1.4.1 or later.
  • zPermissions: 1.3 or later.

Changes since 2.5.1

  • Fix groups that did not exist were not created in GroupManager
  • Fix version comparison for plugins that did not work correctly due to unexpected characters in the string.
  • Fix last online formatted being stored as 1970 because it was using the incorrect value.

Changes since 2.5.0

  • EventHandlers now have a priority set
  • Economy handling now updated to handle the recent changes to Vault.
  • Added more messages around the background tasks to help diagnose issues
  • General code cleanup.
  • Brought more of CommunityBridge under unit testing.

Changes since 2.3.7

  • Rewrote most of the underlying mechanism so that it can handle UUIDs as the unique identifier for a player.
  • Fix removing a null group from a player's primary group.
  • Require version number requirements for Permissions plugins.
  • Issue warning for old versions of Java.
  • Updated to use new Vault API.

Changes since 2.3.6

  • Fix: Issue where if the player had exactly one secondary group web side, that the next secondary group added would not be separated by a comma.

Changes since 2.3.5

  • Fix: Issue where if the player did not have a primary group on permissions side we would get an NPE or potentially not synchronize.

Changes since 2.3.4

  • Fix: Issue where player group state data filename was mangled.

Changes since 2.3.3

  • Fix: Issue where configuration analysis will throw a null pointer exception when primary group synchronization is enabled.

Changes since 2.3.2

  • Fix: A few configuration options didn't properly set default values.

Changes since 2.3.1

  • Fix: Null pointer exception when the groups-treated-as-primary setting is not present.
  • Fix: On some platforms, setting a local binding address prevents the SQL client from binding correctly.

Changes since 2.3.0

  • Fix: Null pointer exception when the additional column configuration option is not present.

Changes since 2.2.2

  • New: Group based ban synchronization (#145).
  • New: Config option to control the direction of ban synchronization (#153, #152).
  • New: Key-Value secondary group synchronization will insert the row if the row does not already exist (#148).
  • New: Junction secondary group synchronization allows for additional information to appear in the row (#149).
  • New: Ability to specify the SQL binding address (#157).
  • Fix: Issue where the default SQL binding address was defaulting to nothing (#157).
  • Fix: Deprecated API usage for bPermissions (#151).
  • Fix: Null pointer exception thrown when a player does not have a group.
  • Fix: Ban synchronization was requiring optional columns to be configured (#152).
  • Fix: Null pointer exception caused by the lack of a primary group to look up (#159).
  • Fix: Poorly templated generics.
  • Change: Player group synchronization states will be stored under their UUID. This is only one step towards full UUID compatibility. If there is an existing playername.yml file it will be loaded and then saved under the player's UUID.

Changes since 2.2.1

  • Fix: One last fix for the group synchronization affecting secondary groups.

Changes since 2.2.0

  • Fix: Several changes to smooth out the group synchronization process including bugs with the groups-treated-as-primary feature.

Changes since 2.1.3

  • New Feature: This revives the ban synchronization feature from 1.x. Only one storage method implemented so far: Separate table. Any web application that stores a list of banned users in a separate table will be compatible with this feature.
  • Fix: Bukkit version checking would generate an error when Bukkit returned a string without numbers.
  • Fix: On servers with multiple IP address bindings, MySQL would bind to the wrong IP address
  • Fix: Group synchronization on Vault would cause errors with some underlying permissions systems due to a null world parameter.

Changes since 2.1.2

  • Fix: Case where commas weren't being applied to secondary groups (issue #126).
  • Fix: Null Pointer Issues when a player didn't have any achievement history (issue #129).
  • Fix: Issue where synchronization would go wrong if the player exists on Minecraft but is being synchronized for the first time. Thanks to Thasan!
  • Fix: Potential race condition when an individual synchronization is started during a full synchronization.
  • Fix: Better version comparison for back-compatibility
  • Fix: Issue where empty columns generated errors.
  • Some code cleanup

Changes since 2.1.0

  • Fix: No such method errors during startup on older versions of CraftBukkit.
  • Fix: No such method errors when executing cbsync and cbysncall on older versions of CraftBukkit.

Changes since 2.0.0

  • New: Achievement/Rewards system. You can now reward players for some activities (group membership, avatar, post count thresholds).
  • Fix: Unregistered notifications going to all players
  • Fix: NPE caused when insert before is not turned on but CB attempts to use it anyway.

Installing for the first time

  1. Copy the jar into your plugins folder. Restart to generate the default config.yml.
  2. Set the log-level to "config".
  3. Configure the player-linking feature for your web application.
  4. Either use cbreload, or reload, or restart the server to load the new configuration.
  5. Make sure you don't see any warnings or errors. Take necessary steps to correct them and cbreload/reload/restart.
  6. Select another feature of CommunityBridge that you want to use and configure it.
  7. Either use cbreload, or reload, or restart the server to load the new configuration.
  8. Make sure you don't see any warnings or errors. Take necessary steps to correct them and cbreload/reload/restart.
  9. ...repeat as necessary.
  10. Gently guide your players toward building a community...:)

Upgrading from 2.0.0

If you are using the requirements feature, you'll need to change to the new configuration format, as shown in this gist: Require.

Also, if you wish to use the new achievements system, you'll need to use the example above for the configuration of the web-app AND add this line to your general section:

use-achievements: true

And then modify the generated achievements.yml file.

Upgrading from a beta release

The best, yet most tedious way, is to copy your current config.yml and messages.yml somewhere else and let CommunityBridge generate the default template files. Then using your old ones as a guide, configure using the new default config.yml template.

Upgrading from 1.x or the alpha releases

You should make a backup of the CommunityBridge plugin directory and then delete it. You'll need CommunityBridge to generate a new default config.yml and work through the configuration carefully as it has changed significantly from 1.x or the alpha releases.

Changes since beta 5

  • Fix: Missing or empty message in messages.yml causes an NPE.
  • Fix: Eliminate command executor duplication.
  • Fix: CommunityBridge mistakenly claims Vault is not enabled. (#112)
  • New: Config option to control the inserted date format. (#79)
  • New: Config option to control whether CommunityBridge uses join message during connect events. (#94)
  • New: Config option to control synchronization during join/quit events. (#31)
  • New: Basic support for zPermissions (depending on configuration, Vault+zPerms may be preferred). (#16)
  • New: cbsync will now take a playername as a parameter.


Uploaded on
Jul 26, 2014
Game version
  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2
  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1
128.4 KiB