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ClickWarp is a plugin that allows you to teleport to your warps via an inventory. It also allows you to teleport to a player via an inventory. Of course, you can use the classic warping-system via commands.

The plugin will be updated soon!

Commands and Permissions

<Required> - [Optional]

/warpsShows you a list of available warpsclickwarp.warps/warp
/warp <name>Teleports you to the given warpclickwarp.warp/warps <name>
/invwarpOpens an inventory with all warps, if you pick an item, you will be teleported thereclickwarp.invwarp/invwarps
Invwarp-ItemOpens the /invwarp-inventory, the item is configurable in the config.ymlclickwarp.invwarp.item
/setwarp <name>Defines a new warp
at the current location. Use color codes! ;)
/setwarp <name> [item-ID]Defines a new warp at the current location with the specified item that is shown in /invwarpclickwarp.setwarp
/setwarp <name> [item-ID] [price]Defines a new warp at the current location with the specified item that is shown in /invwarp and the price that it costsclickwarp.setwarp
/delwarp <name>Deletes a warpclickwarp.delwarp
/editwarp <name> item [item-ID]Adds the warp an item which is displayed in /invwarpclickwarp.editwarp
/editwarp <name> lore [lore]Adds the warp a lore which is displayed in /invwarpclickwarp.editwarp
/editwarp <name> price [price]Adds the warp a price that it should costclickwarp.editwarp
/invtpOpens an inventory with all players online on the server, and if you pick one head, you will be teleported to this playerclickwarp.invtp/invteleport
/clickwarp <version I reload>Shows the version and reloads the files of the pluginclickwarp.clickwarp
Description for the /editwarp command

If you created a warp, you can do /editwarp to add additional meta to a warp.

/editwarp <warp> item <Item-ID> will change the item displayed in the /invwarp menu.
Example: /editwarp pvp item 276 will be shown as a diamond sword.
Another example: /editwarp shop item 35:14 will be shown as a red-wool block!

/editwarp <warp> lore <lore-text> will add a lore (description) to that warp in the /invwarp menu.
Example: /editwarp pvp lore &4Here_you_can:&2fight_against_your:&1enemies!
- The first line of the description is shown up red: "Here you can", while the second line is green: "fight against your" and the third blue: "enemies!".

The text will be splitted up in lines at any ":" and every "_" will be replaced by " ". Color codes are also possible.

Warp-specific permissions

You can now allow players access to all warps or only some specific warps via permissions!
First of all, give them the permission for the warp-method they are allowed to use:

  • For warping via commands: clickwarp.warp
  • For inventory-warping: clickwarp.invwarp
  • For sign-warping: clickwarp.sign.use

Then give them the permission for:

  • All warps: clickwarp.warp.*
  • Some specific warps: clickwarp.warp.<warp-name>


If you like to use your warps on signs, you can make now Warp-Signs!

Easily, put that on your sign:

Line 1[Warp]You can edit the appearance
after updating the sign in the config.yml
Line 2<warp-name>Case insensitive, will be updated
with colors and format automatically
Line 3Type what you want,
e.g. a description
Line 4Type what you want,
e.g. a description

Permission for creating warp-signs: clickwarp.sign.create
Permission for using warp-signs: clickwarp.sign.use


If you like to warp or teleport players with a little delay, you can define in the config.yml these specific times.
You can set, whether delays are activated, how long players wait before teleporting and whether they shouldn't move.
If you like to let some groups/players bypass such delays, you can give them following permissions:

Give clickwarp.warp.instant to players that shouldn't be affected by warp-delays.
Give clickwarp.teleport.instant to players that shouldn't be affected by teleport-delays.

You can set in the config.yml whether delays should be used when warping via signs.

Current translations

If you're happy to support me, you can translate the language files to your language!

  • English
  • German
  • French - thanks to Shlaten!
  • Portugese - thanks to Ksocially!
  • Czech - thanks to xSkillCycanxMC!

Known Bugs

  • Item can't be "0" (AIR) -> StackTrace


  • Sort items in the /invwarp menu however you want
  • Custum commands
  • Option to en- and disable warp-specific permissions
  • Inv-TPA
  • BungeeCord compatibility
  • Convert/Migrate Essentials warps to ClickWarp warps
  • Warp sounds
  • If you have other ideas, write it in the comments or send me a pm!


Visit that page



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  • Avatar of kingrocket10 kingrocket10 Oct 25, 2016 at 01:13 UTC - 0 likes

    Guys how do i allow all new comers to my server be able to use the click warp inv item and access it to warp to all locations on my server?

  • Avatar of NoobTenLuka NoobTenLuka Oct 05, 2016 at 18:32 UTC - 0 likes

    I need help My Supporter can´t do /warp What make i wrong

    PEX: groups: Gast: build: false permissions: - - essentials.rules - essentials.motd - essentials.afk - essentials.depth - - essentials.list - essentials.mail - essentials.mail.send - - essentials.motd - essentials.msg - - essentials.r - essentials.rules - essentials.seen - essentials.signs.use.disposal - essentials.spawn - - swr.kits.* - - swr.permkits - customjoinitem.Gast - essentials.spawn - essentials.silentjoin - essentials.silentquit - clickwarp.warps options: prefix: '&8[&7Gast&8]&f ' default: true VIP: inheritance: - Member build: false permissions: - - rank.donor7 - essentials.joinfullserver - actionbar.staff - customjoinitems.VIP - clickwarp.warp.VIP options: prefix: '&6[&eVIP&6]&f ' default: false VIP+: inheritance: - Member - VIP build: false permissions: - rank.donor8 - worldedit.navigation.thru.tool - worldedit.navigation.jumpto.tool options: prefix: '&6[&eVIP+&6]&f ' default: false Youtuber: inheritance: - Member - VIP - VIP+ build: false permissions: -* - swr.start - rank.donor9 - essentials.vanish -* -* - customjoinitems.YT options: prefix: '&6[&5YT&6]&f ' default: false Builder: inheritance: - Member - VIP - VIP+ - Youtuber - Supporter build: true permissions: - rank.builder - worldguard.region.bypass.* - swr.ignoreLobbyGuard - essentials.hat - essentials.skull - essentials.skull.modify - essentials.skull.others - essentials.skull.spawn - - bw.setup - worldedit.* - essentials.give options: prefix: '&6[Builder]&f ' default: false Supporter: inheritance: - Member - VIP - Builder - VIP+ - Youtuber build: true permissions: - rank.helper - swr.admin - ProReports.reports - bw.cmd - essentials.gamemode - - pet.* - essentials.msg - - maxbans.kick.* - maxbans.notify - maxbans.checkban.self - maxbans.seesilent - maxbans.lockdown.bypass options: prefix: '&6[&1Sup&6]&f ' default: false Mod: inheritance: - Supporter - Member - VIP - Builder - VIP+ - Youtuber build: true permissions: - essentials.helpop - rank.Mod - werbung.Show - bw.otherstats - bw.kick - maxbans.lockdown.use - maxbans.tempban - easywarp.command.setwarp options: prefix: '&1[&9Mod&1]&f ' default: false Admin: inheritance: - Mod - Supporter - Member - VIP - Builder - VIP+ - Youtuber build: true permissions: - essentials.god - rank.admin - tabprefix.admin - maxbans.ban - maxbans.unban - easywarp.command.reload options: prefix: '&6[&cAdmin&6]&f ' default: false Owner: build: true permissions: - '*' options: prefix: '&6[&4Owner&6]&f ' default: false Moderator: {} schema-version: 1 users: 5b3610f1-8ead-4013-8ebf-73bb38f72769: group: - Owner 21ba04a1-0829-4f71-a4a1-6d8de4cb2253: group: - Supporter

  • Avatar of kloppo09 kloppo09 Oct 03, 2016 at 17:41 UTC - 0 likes

    @1709jamie: Go

    Works great with 1.9! THX!

  • Avatar of JugadorON JugadorON Sep 22, 2016 at 03:55 UTC - 0 likes

    I need version to 1.10.2, please!!!

    Java 8!

  • Avatar of mrcow4456 mrcow4456 Aug 08, 2016 at 18:14 UTC - 0 likes

    Why can't people with the permissons use the clock to warp. I have the permissions needed in the permissions.yml

  • Avatar of RealHunterspal RealHunterspal Aug 03, 2016 at 19:57 UTC - 0 likes

    If anyone is wondering why non ops can't even click the item to use the warps, you need to add this permission to pex: /pex group [group] add clickwarp.invwarp.item

  • Avatar of simiontheoriginal simiontheoriginal Aug 03, 2016 at 14:07 UTC - 0 likes
    Hey guys,
    I noticed that the developer isn't active anymore, so I developed the Plugin on my own. I fixed some bugs and added new features.
    You can download it here. If you find a bug, tell me per PM or per mail.
    Last edited Aug 03, 2016 by simiontheoriginal: Spelling
  • Avatar of 1709jamie 1709jamie Jul 07, 2016 at 10:11 UTC - 1 like

    I noticed that this plugin isn't fully working with 1.10.2 so here is a fix:

    Just download the Jar File And you should be okay

  • Avatar of FuturisticYT FuturisticYT Jul 03, 2016 at 23:09 UTC - 0 likes

    Same here. When regular ranked people type in /invwarp, it says so! Do you have a solution yet?


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